Wag The Dog Anyone?

Shalom family, now as I am sure by now all of you have heard about the latest supposed tragedy with the live shooting of the reporter Allison Parker and her camera man Adam Ward. Now I watched this video and analyzed it. Apparently the shooter, Vester Lee Flannagan II, had fired hollow-point bullets at Parker and her camera man. Now I am no gun expert, but I have relatives, two uncles in fact who have served in the armed forces of my home country Guyana so they know quite a bit about guns. Now the point I am trying to make here is, if my knowledge is correct, hollow point bullets do alot of damage especially when fired at close range. Now I’m putting the cart before the horse, so let’s back track a bit. First off, I think this whole scenario is a hoax to systematically disarm America. So let’s get back to the topic at hand, notice in the video above, the close proximity of the shooter to the reporter. Now tell me, how on God’s green earth did the reporter or the woman being reported not notice the shooter? Secondly, if the shooter was using supposed hollow point bullets, the first shot he fired should have flattened that reporter. Notice her body didn’t jerk in anyway that would indicate that she had been shot. Another thing, where is the blood? She should have dropped dead instantly. But she screamed and was able to run away while being shot, and NO, the shooter did not miss at all. Something smells fishy here.

Look for yourselves and tell me if this isn’t a hoax…


18 thoughts on “Wag The Dog Anyone?

  1. ShelbyCourtland

    None of that makes any sense. The U.S. is a cesspool that is sinking like a stone and so these false flag events are being staged to get folks attention away from what’s really going down. It is a diversionary tactic. And the perpetrators know that the majority of Americans are easily distracted and so there is no need to change the script. If it always works, and it does, keep it up. Americans are basically stupid and are easily led. This is widely known and made use of.

    Thank you for posting this!


  2. Truthangel07

    You know, the government does plant stories in order to stir up society. Everything that’s been happening, since Trayvon Martin’s murder, seems to have generated a butterfly effect in some way; and certain responses by the police almost seem planned. I’m not reacting to what I don’t know, but I’m also very careful to analyze what’s being reported as well.


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  4. Kushite Prince

    Good video Warrior. I always tell black people to look beneath the surface. The white controlled media loves to manipulate our minds. They lie all the time. That’s why it’s called Tell-LIE-Vision.lol This story is designed to create more racial tension between blacks and whites. And both groups fall for it every time. This black news reporter supposed to have “killed” these two white people right?? But many times the media will use crisis actors to portray the grieving parents. They did it with the Sandy Hook shooting as well. This man is supposed to be the father of the white woman that was killed. But the guy is an actor!!! Totally exposed!!!lol Watch it and tell me what you think. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Keep in mind though that millions of people actually believe this story…..and many others. *sigh*


    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      mwahahahahahahahaha KP y’ah kill me. wow just wow there’s a saying here in the Caribbean, Americans are the most gullible people on the planet…. Here in the Caribbean, especially in my home country Guyana, unless we see a body, we ain’t believing that shit

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  5. Kushite Prince

    This “father” should be consoling his family right now. But the day after his “daughter” is killed he’s doing interviews?? WTF??? He should still be in shock after her death right?? This is total BS!! And big part of these hoax shootings is for more gun control. They want as many guns off the street as possible. What for?? Martial Law? King Alfred plan???Hmmmmm……what do you think?


  6. Kushite Prince

    This guy has done quite a bit of acting. But I’m sure it’s all a coincidence that his daughter was “killed” and it made national news. Everyone just calm down and relax. It’s all just a coincidence.lol

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  7. Lavern

    Even if it’s true I have a hard time feeling sympathy for the victims the way this story is being framed. I will write a post on it soon.



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