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There is Nothing New Under the Sun

Shalom Family,


I know I’ve been gone a while but I’m back after this long hiatus and I’ve decided to start posting again.


Now this post was shared by someone on Facebook and it’s absolutely disturbing. In the AGE OF DONALD CHUMP these racists have become emboldened and I can’t say I’m surprised. Some of our people in 2017 seem to believe that racism is dead and gone. But what I’m about to share with you are one of the many examples that will shoot down this naive idea.




The video you see above is a news report regarding a very disturbing video that has gone viral out of Virginia. Now I’m not sure how many of you have seen this but when I saw it I was perturbed and very infuriated but as I mentioned before, I’m not surprised. These are children of the devil that we’re dealing with in this hour and I believe that this kind of wickedness will continue to escalate and who knows how many more unreported cases like this there are. For those of you who have children, it is imperative that you keep them closer than ever. Below I’ve provided a link to the full story.


I pray for the death of these heathen children and all their families. Father How long?


Rising Darkness Descending Fire (3)

Chapter Three


The majestic sapphire moon and the innumerable constellations that accompanied it reflected off the shimmering surface of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. 2000 feet below the surface, an enormous submarine cruised through the dark and frigid depths. Its sleek black exterior coupled with its slender, missile-like structure made it almost invisible to the marine life.

Carlos Maldonado dragged his feet as he marched wearily through the spacious  halls of the vessel’s interior. He yawned as he strolled past a pair of oak double doors that he knew only too well led to the conference room. A moment later he made his way through a narrow vestibule and into a state of the art circular chamber that came alive with blinking lights, flashing monitors and numerous computer consoles. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches, the lithe figured Puerto Rican, rubbed a hand through his greasy but closely cropped raven hair. He cast tired eyes around the control room, before making his way over to one of the computers and taking his seat. After punching in a few keys on the keyboard to  log in, all around the chamber, a loud hissing ensued as pairs of horizontal panels divided to reveal large viewing windows. Carlos turned around to glance at them. The almost stygian darkness of the ocean did little to impress him. Turning back to his computer, he began clicking furiously with the mouse, opening several different applications, one of which triggered a series of powerful flood lights that were strategically placed around the outer stern. The intense beams illuminated the aquatic world around him. The teeming diversity of marine life brought a smile to his face. He sat back for a second to take it all in before turning his attention back to the computer. After punching a few more keys, he got up and walked towards one of the viewing windows.

He blew a short sigh as he gazed at the numerous sea creatures that scurried by. A good distance away, he spotted what he thought was a great white shark. He flinched, slightly panicked at the creature’s sudden appearance.

“Staring at the little fishies again I see” He heard a female voice behind him.

He turned around, only to come face to face with a rather attractive young woman. Petite in frame and possessing a mocha complexion. Her curly brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail. A small smile graced her innocent features.

“Oh hey Anissa” He said, looking her over. She was always a welcomed sight, even though he had a wife and two daughters waiting for him at home. He blushed as his eyes raked hungrily over her, feeling somewhat guilty that he was even entertaining the slightest inappropriate imaginations about her. The two were dressed in like manner, all black which was the signature dress code for the staff. The only exception was, where Carlos was clad in a polo shirt and cargo pants with black timberlands, Anissa wore a slightly buttoned down shirt with a skirt that was a little too short for comfort and high heels. Carlos being a devout Catholic knew he have to do some serious confessions when he returned home two months from now.

“Anyways,” Anissa said, “The captain wants you to go over these files by the end of your shift.”

Carlos breathed a sigh and rolled his eyes.

“Yeah I know” Anissa continued almost as though she’d read his mind. “You’ve already got so much on your plate and then you got this to contend with”

Carlos didn’t need to ask what “this” was. “Just put em on my desk” he said pointing to his computer.

Anissa minced over to his desk, setting the file down before making her way back to stand in front of him.

“If it makes you feel any better, Captain wouldn’t have stuck you with such a huge responsibility if he didn’t think you were capable enough to handle it.” She said, trying to sound reassuring.

Carlos breathed another short sigh before chuckling. That’s Anissa. He thought. She always knew how to butter a guy up.

“Wanna come stare at the fishies with me?” He asked flatly.

Anissa shrugged. “Why not, my break’s about to start anyway.” The two walked over toward the viewing windows. The abundant deep sea life captivated their attention.

Carlos glanced at Anissa who hadn’t even noticed or at least, she pretended not to. He felt his manhood engorge little by little as his eyes hungrily took her in. Her petite yet curvaceous frame aroused his sex deprived being. It took all his strength to restrain himself from grabbing her and devouring her lips before bending her over one of the many desks. He tore his eyes away from her, closing them to centre himself for a moment. A gasp from Anissa forced him to reopen them where an ethereal, azure glow greeted them.

The submarine slowly cruised over a field of what looked like reefs before it came into what seemed like a large undersea valley or canyon. Everywhere was littered with colossal l ruins of what appeared to be an ancient civilization. Fallen pillars and half demolished archways and staircases that would have put the Vatican to shame were strewn haphazardly as far as the eye could see. The ethereal glow grew stronger the further along the vessel moved.

“What is this place?” Anissa asked as a look of pure wonder and astonishment plastered across her face. Carlos was at a loss for words. Neither of them had seen anything like this before.

“Should I call the Captain?” Anissa suggested

“No” Carlos objected, “Not yet” before sprinting back to his desk leaving a dumbfounded Anissa behind. He had just logged back into his computer which had locked itself in his absence when she called him back.

“Carlos, come quick” her voice shrill with excitement. After racing back to her side, his jaw literally dropped to the floor when he saw the cause of her sudden enthusiasm.

A good ways before them , toward the end of the valley, a gigantic stone statue of what appeared to be a young man stood atop what seemed to be a vast threshold in a defiant battle pose. A look of pure rage was etched on his face whilst an intense azure light radiated from him.

“What in the world?” Carlos said breathlessly.

Suddenly, the interior of the submarine began to rumble. First they were low tremors before escalating to a violent magnitude.

Anissa and Carlos cast horror filled eyes about them as they beheld the computer consoles and all the other electrical fittings sparking violently as they were forcefully dislodged from their positions.

A hysterical scream escaped Anissa.

“Come on!” Carlos yelled, grabbing her as he tried to lead her through the ever growing wreckage. Anissa screamed again as a falling computer nearly grazed her backside. A few seconds later, the vessel lurched, sending the two of them flying off to one side. Carlos crashed into a plexiglass holding area which housed the mainframe whereas Anissa went skating across the floor before connecting with a wall. For a moment she laid there unconscious having had the wind knocked out of her before a series of cough resuscitated her. Slowly crawling to her feet, her panic stricken eyes immediately searched for Carlos. She instantly spotted his prone and unconscious form beneath a pile of monitors, the lacerations on his forehead and arms bleeding profusely.

“Carlos!” She shrieked as she stumbled over to him. A searing pain suddenly burst to life in her left thigh. Looking down, her eyes widened in disbelief as he beheld a small laceration.

“Fuck” she cursed as she paused for a brief moment to catch her breath before continuing. Gritting her teeth she bore the pain as she ambled over to her fallen companion. As she drew closer to him, she took care to avoid the still sparking innards of the destroyed monitors that obstructed her path. When she got to Carlos she crouched down beside him and began to clear away some of the monitors that had collapsed on top of him.

“Carlos?! Carlos wake up” she said frantically as she tapped his cheek trying to rouse him. She then placed two fingers by his neck and breathed a sigh of relief when she got a pulse.

“HELP!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!” she screamed hysterically as she desperately tried to revive him. After her cries for assistance went unanswered, she slowly flipped Carlos over into a supine position and immediately began CPR.

“Come on” she said in between ragged breaths which later coalesced into sobs.
A few beats later a series of coughs followed by a groan escaped his lungs.

“Oh thank God” Anissa breathed. As Carlos’ eyes fluttered open, a dazed and disoriented look occupied them.

Meanwhile, outside the vessel, a series of cracks began to materialize all over the statue which only seemed to grow larger and more numerous as the seconds went by. An eerie dark blue energy began to seep out until finally the figure crumbled completely. In its place, hovering above the remains of its stone shell was a dark blue orb that measured a few sizes larger than a wrecking ball. The azure light that emanated from it intensified into rippling waves of supernatural energy. The hapless submarine began to gradually rupture under the preternatural force that the orb exuded. Inside its quaking interior, a panicking Anissa held on to a barely conscious Carlos. Tears streamed down her face as the severity of the situation finally registered in her disordered mind.

“Our father, which art in heaven..” She began as trembling sobs wracked her body. The viewing windows began to crack. Closing her eyes, she wrapped her arms tightly around Carlos as she continued her prayer mentally as though doing so would forestall what seemed like the inevitable. A beat later the windows shattered and frigid ocean water came surging into the chamber. The sheer force of it consumed them both and everything else. The last thought that flashed through Anissa’s mind as her life force ebbed away was the scene from Titanic where Kate Winslet’s character watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s dead body descend into the cold murky depths of the Atlantic much like herself. From the outside, the submarine disintegrated under the pulsating energy of the orb until there was nothing remaining.

The orb hovered in place a moment longer before propelling itself off through the waters. Sometime later it broke through the surface, ascending further into the sky until it came to a halt.

Then, a startling transformation took place. The orb began to violently and dramatically change its shape. A few moments later, the process was completed and there he was.

Levitating high above the waters was an extremely pale giant of a man with intense blue eyes and long flowing dark hair with navy blue highlights. His imposing form was clad in a full navy blue body armour that was accented with golden trims. His youthful visage which looked no older than 25 was marred by an inhumanly sinister expression.

Letting out a long deep growl, he warily scanned his surroundings, from the waters below, to the skies above and around. Then he raised his arms above his head and let out a loud, monstrous roar which almost shook the heavens.

“After all this time, I’m free” He said in a deep, menacing voice. Taking another look about him he inhaled a deep breath before turning to fly off into the far west.

Joke Of The Day

Shalom Family,

This is a video that I came across today and it had me cracking the hell up. This White kid thought it was funny to pull a black girl’s hair and well….. He got more than the taste smacked out of his mouth. Go ahead and check out this video and feel free to abuse that replay button.



Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I don’t think Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather or Layla Ali got anything on her lol hahahahahahaahaha!

Best believe I have downloaded this for my viewing pleasure…

What Are Your Thoughts?



Shalom Family,

The image above was shared with me by a friend on Facebook. Now, I don’t know if this image and caption are real, although it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it actually was considering just how emboldened these heathens are becoming in these last days. The comments that I’ve read were ones of disgust and revolt which is to be expected.

Now I’m just wondering family, what’s your perspective on this?

Rising Darkness Descending Fire (2)

Chapter Two


Like a diver earnestly pushing his way back to the surface, Jayhan slowly regained consciousness. Upon opening his eyes, he was greeted by an intense scarlet glare from up above. The sky appeared as though it was on fire. He laid there, stretched out on his back for some time, uncertain as to what the hell was going on. A wave of mental queries assailed his thoughts. Was he alive? Or was he dead? Was he in heaven or hell? Or some sort of strange spiritual limbo? Were those angels he was seeing, coming to retrieve him at any moment? He didn’t know, he couldn’t tell. All his life he never really fancied himself as a religious person but he always made an effort to be good. Mostly succeeding. A flicker of apprehension marred his otherwise blank and expressionless visage.

After what seemed like an eternity, his questions went unanswered. He finally willed himself to move. His body ached badly whilst a wave of lightheadedness swept over him as he slowly clambered to his feet. A beat later, he managed to compose himself. Proceeding to take a quick look about himself, he was astonished to find that he was completely naked and covered in ash. He then diverted his attention from himself to his surroundings. The ground was charred black as far as his eyes could see. The lush green forest that once surrounded what used to be the clearing was no more. The lake was all dried up. And furthermore, not a single person was in sight. Instead all that remained was a barren, ashy wilderness.

This can’t be real, He thought.
What the hell just happened here? Where the hell is everyone? After pondering for a few moments without so much as an explanation forming in his thoughts  (even a farfetched one would’ve sufficed at that point), he decided to redirect his attention towards the sky above. His eyes winced slightly  at the intense glare it exuded, but he kept looking nonetheless. He studied it intently for a moment and noticed that it appeared to be moving.

‘Wait, What?’ He thought to himself, yet upon closer examination, he realized that the sky itself wasn’t moving but that the phenomenon he was staring at was infact  a comet and a rather colossal one at that.

For the time it zoomed gingerly by, his gaze remained transfixed upon it until the astronomical body was nothing more than a miniscule glare in the distance. Then it was gone.

Reality came knocking once again. He was all alone, naked and confused. The last thing he remembered, aside from being in alot of pain (which he still was), was that a large knife was about to be plunged into  him. The more he thought about it, the more the key events that led up to that point began to flood back into his memories. From Selena trying to date rape him, to that crazy young woman in the red gown. Yes, definitely her. Her face (pale complexioned with menacing grey eyes) was one that he wouldn’t forget, not for a while at least. But her actions still puzzled him, from her whackjob speech, to her standing over him, calling him by name as though they were familiar and her almost stabbing him to death. But why? Why him? There were just too many whys, whats and hows creating a cyclone of confusion inside his mind. For the moment, he decided to sideline them.
Then the realization hit him, in all that brainstorming, he hadn’t once thought of Fares or Julia. Where were they?
He took another look around him, turning and scanning earnestly in every direction. Still, not a soul was to be seen.

“Fares!!!! Julia!!!” He called out loudly, though he suspected beforehand that it would do no good. Still it was worth a shot. For about two minutes the only sound he could hear was the fading echo of his own voice.  Slumping wearily to his knees, an overwhelming sense of despair began to consume him. The only thing he wanted right now was to go home. Just to get away from all this madness. He closed his eyes and imagined being back in his home in Steel Crescent, either snuggled up in his bed or sitting in the living room watching some sordid drama series on tv. The fact that both were a very long ways away and coupled with the question of how he was going to get there made that fantasy almost impossible to sustain. He supposed he would have to start walking. Then again, the absurdity of a stark naked and ash covered teenager (a black teenager at that) possibly wandering along a busy highway where he would no doubt draw attention to himself gave him pause. But what other option did he have?
I suppose I’ll just have to figure it out as I go. He surmised finally. Right now, the urgency of him needing to make a move could not be ignored any longer.

He then hoisted himself up and began to move off. First with slow, unsteady yet careful steps before eventually hastening. That in and of itself suddenly presented itself as a very daunting task. His bones and muscles ached terribly but he ignored the pain and bore it with weak groans as he hobbled along.
He kept at it for about 20 or so minutes before stopping to catch his breath. He took a short glance behind him to survey the distance he’d covered. He felt like he had been walking forever, but at the very least, he had come a long way from where he was previously standing.
Flashing a weak smile, he continued to press forward. A while after, he felt weary and another spell of lightheadedness gripped him. Coupled with the fact that every inch of him felt like it was on fire, they did not a good combination make. He stumbled, almost falling flat on his face, luckily he caught himself just in time. If he had gone down he wasn’t sure whether he would get up again.

Just then, he felt a strange sensation in his head, like his brain was being forcibly stretched apart like an elastic band. A series of incoherent images suddenly paraded backwards before his mind’s eye as though  he was suddenly standing on the precipice of eternity watching a movie of thoughts and memories rewinding on the reels of the cosmos all the way back to the beginning. Just like the moments before he was about to be run through, he saw his life flash by, from that very instance all the way back to his infancy then there was a gap, and beyond that a new stream of images materialized, more memories he reckoned – but they were not his, or were they? The reel began to slow before eventually coming to a halt on one particular image which stuck out to him. And as he fixated upon it, he found himself slowly immersing in it, in that very time, and place.

An apocalyptic vista of an ancient world stretched out as far as his eyes could see.  He attempted with much difficulty to digest the scene of utter carnage unfolding before him. Raging fires spurred on by deafening explosions  sent violent tremors reverberating all around. Stifling heat and smoke mingled with the stench of death assailed the atmosphere. The sounds of violence pervaded almost as loudly as the explosions, assaulting the air with a ringing crescendo of clashing steel as well as human battle cries contrasting with hellish bestial roars. Understanding finally dawned upon his puzzled countenance that he was standing in the midst of a terrible war. Casting uncertain glances about him, he beheld men and women bearing the same dark brown complexion as he and garbed in golden trimmed robes of varying colours as well as battle fatigues (to say they looked ancient would be a gross understatement. But they seemed practical nonetheless) and they were locked in heated conflict. Not with each other but with an inhuman foe whose very appearance sent shivers up his spine. Unlike the wonderful melanin rich warriors who opposed them fiercely, these creatures appeared like humanoid reptilian hybrids, their skins paler than snow and possessing azure eyes that burned with intense predatory fury. They scared the living daylights out of him. The mightiest and fiercest lion would suddenly assume the disposition of a common kitten, who shivered timidly in the presence of a pack of rabid rotweilers. One of the creatures in particular seemed to bear a vague resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger complete with a tail and blade like talons on its hands and feet.
His attention then shifted to one side where he saw in the distance an immense and immaculate stone structure which bore rich African architectural designs, engulfed in a great inferno that consumed it bit by bit. Jayhan could tell it used to be a palace. Such a shame, he thought. He then shifted his attention back to the fracas before him, and saw the pale creatures were gradually gaining the upper hand. The warriors valour and tenacity ultimately proved moot as their adversaries maddened and dagger sized fangs and claws tore into their flesh, ripping them asunder. Shrieks of terror then drew his attention to another side. His heart sank when he beheld a colossal white serpent, slithering through the battle field. Those who weren’t crushed by its massive form, whether human or beast fell victim to a far worse fate. The great boa proceeded to open its gaping maw to gobble up an entire handful of warriors. As the last warrior made its way down the monster’s oesophagus, it began a startling transformation. Tendrils of crackling, green energy encompassed it while its massive form receded drastically. A moment later, instead of a snake, a strikingly beautiful woman, pale as snow was hovering over the melee. Every part of her except her head and the upper part of her bosom was covered in a flowing black gown. Her dark raven hair whipped and twisted in the nonexistent wind of its own accord like tentacles. Her face bore a wicked grin as intense amber eyes devoid of any humanity or remorse surveyed the battle. Jayhan was both stunned and mortified by her. An explosion suddenly erupted in the distance. All semblance of joy quickly drained from the woman’s face as it contorted into a rage filled scowl. Riding into the battle, mounted upon powerful, armoured black stallions were a small legion of warriors. At the forefront were five warriors, three men and two women on the outer flanks. But there was something different about these newcomers. There was a fire in their eyes that was beyond human. Time almost seemed to slow down as Jayhan’s focus rested on the lead rider. Awe and confusion seized him as he realized that the man bore a striking resemblance to him, only, this man seemed alot older and possessed a more muscular physique. His slightly bearded face, no doubt hardened by war, and framed by thick rope-like locs held a look of pure ferocity. Another thing Jayhan took notice of was the man’s attire. A radiant crimson and black body armour, accented by golden trims. His chest was girded by a heptagonal shield bearing the embossed likeness of a roaring lion’s face. Immediately, the inhuman hordes turned their attention to the riders. There was a change in the air. Jayhan felt it in his bones. The skies, already blackened to some degree by the ever ascending clouds of smoke, gradually became shrouded by an even deeper darkness. As the newcomers accelerated their steeds, the lead man stretched out his right hand and as if by some strange miracle, a large broadsword materialized out of thin air. Quickly gripping the hilt, he made a powerful, wide swing. A wave of scarlet, fiery energy proceeded forward and all the creatures that charged forward to oppose him and his companions were instantly obliterated. Another swing of the sword unleashed another wave of energy, taking out another score of the monsters. The pale woman’s scowling countenance quickly contorted into a mortified glare as she beheld the demise of her comrades. She tilted back her head a let out a blood-curdling screech, before lunging downwards toward the riders. Her reptilian eyes suddenly took on a toxic green glow. Bolts of green energy shot forth from them, taking aim particularly at the lead rider. The man careened his steed off to one side, narrowly avoiding a string of explosions that ensued when the energy connected with the ground. Unfazed, he leaned forward and with fearless determination in his eyes, dismounted his steed with a high somersault before barrelling through the air like a missile toward his assailant. A flicker of surprise registered on her face as the man brandished his sword. In a swift and fluid motion, he unleashed a vertical wave of energy which cleaved her in twain. A bone chilling cry erupted from her before her two burning halves plummeted to the ground. A look of satisfaction plastered across the man’s face as he hovered triumphantly in the air. Despite the momentary victory over the dreadful witch, he knew the battle was far from over. On the ground below, his fellow riders followed his lead in like manner. The man that rode beside him on his left, a slightly burly man with a thick afro and clad in  mostly black plated armour with a purple cape draped around him, vaulted off his steed, wielding a large double-bladed axe. A rich verdant aura of energy engulfed him. And as his feet reconnected with the ground he brought down his axe in a mighty stroke. Once the blade made contact with the soil,  a huge fissure suddenly opened in the ground, swallowing up the scores of beasts that charged at him. The lead rider smiled approvingly at his companion from his lofty perch in the sky. Another one of his riders, a slightly younger man who rode at his right, leaped off his charger and made a rapid ascent into the air where he began a furious rotation which quickly increased in velocity. A harsh wind blew across the battlefield from all sides picking up dust, debris and a whole multitude of the beasts before coalescing into a large funnel around him. Bright flashes of lightning crackled at various points in the twister. Quickly fading howls of anguish signified the demise of the creatures unlucky to be caught in the merciless cyclone.
Then as the winds dispersed, the two female riders made haste to join their brother warriors. The young woman that rode to the far left, slapped the reins on her mount, urging the stallion to accelerate. Her right hand stretched out beside her and immediately a stream of water materialized and began to flow in her wake. She then performed a series of slow circular motions with her arm and the stream suddenly grew into a raging river. But she didn’t stop there — as the circular motions of her hand began to accelerate, so too did the size and force of the water until a great mass like the tides of the oceans towered over the battle like a great mountain. The pale creatures’ deformed faces seemed to register mingled looks of surprise and horror. The young woman rode atop the waves as though it were solid ground. As Jayhan gazed in total astonishment at her, he was finally able to get a closer look at her. Her beauty vastly exceeded that of even the pale snake witch which was not too long ago vanquished by his older look alike. Her dark chocolate skin glistened with a preternatural glow the same way her fellow riders’ did. And her features, if he wasn’t mistaken, appeared to him like a graceful mixture of those of the Somalian model Iman and the British singer Alexandra Burke with a radiance that far surpassed either woman. Gazing down at her unnaturally hued adversaries, her face held an expression of utter contempt and disdain. With a sweeping motion of her hand, the waves descended upon the monsters with no mercy. The enemy horde was now cut by three-quarters. Riding upon the waves of the deluge was the other female combatant. Jayhan could tell from the much more stern expression that graced her beautiful countenance that she preceded the other young lady by atleast five or so years. In her hand she held a large crossbow. Jayhan was nonetheless puzzled as to her intentions, taking into consideration the extraordinary feats he had just witnessed. Despite the significant loss in number, a still formidable multitude of monsters remained. With a baleful smirk, the young woman aimed her crossbow upwards, her fingers tight upon the trigger. A few moments later, a lone arrow whistled through the air. As it gained considerable altitude, a spark of magenta energy ignited around the tip and in no time, the one arrow multiplied into many too numerous to count. Then sparks of magenta began to light up the sky. The arrows trajectory suddenly altered to take aim at the monsters. As the projectiles barrelled towards their target, Jayhan’s puzzled eyes widened as he beheld them suddenly change their form, transfiguring into what seemed like an innumerable flock of cranes composed entirely of silver. A peculiar magenta flame suddenly engulfed the birds as gravity and the will of the one who unleashed them brought them closer to their targets. A string of devastating explosions followed by anguished growls and shrieks as the projectiles made contact. Now only a mere handful of monsters remained. A loud cheer went up from the surviving warriors on the ground. —–

As though someone had suddenly pressed pause, the vision ceased before dissipating like a mist. Once again the unconformable sensation of having his brain stretched apart pulsated through his head, seemingly in reverse, forcefully dragging his mind back to present where his senses now alerted him to the advent of a blaring, high-pitched noise that now assaulted his ears. A noise the adolescent quickly deduced to be sirens.

Panicked, Jayhan looked wildly around for the source. He saw nothing and wondered for a moment if it was his mind playing tricks on him.

Despite his arguably unstable psychological state, he nevertheless inclined his ears to listen a little closer. No, this was not a trick. The sound was getting louder and closer with each passing second and as he gleaned his eyes more intently toward the far west, lo and behold the source was not far behind.
Glares of red, blue and orange flashed in quick succession followed by a series of head and indicator lights rapidly coming into view.

Jayhan made an about turn in the opposite direction and broke into a run. A run that felt more like a sluggish wobble. He had no intention of sticking around to find out who those sirens belonged to, although, he had a faint idea.

Faster, faster he kept grunting in agitation as he desperately tried to accelerate all the while the feeling of being a fugitive on the run flashed across his thoughts. In his mind he imagined moving at superhuman speed, like the Flash from the Justice League cartoons he used to watch as a child or even Quicksilver from X-Men.  Yeah, right like that’s gonna happen, he mused in contradiction. Moments later imagination manifested itself in reality as an intense and exhilarating burst of energy ignited within him. His surroundings suddenly dissolved into blurs. Clouds of dust and ash were kicking up in his wake.

‘What the…?’ He thought frantically as he he became partially cognizant of the fact that he was moving at an inhumanly fast pace, yet all the same there was another part of him that refused to believe it was truly happening.

So preoccupied was he with trying to discern the reality and origin of his new found superhuman prowess that it had completely slipped his notice that his surroundings had completely changed. The harsh, sulphuric air that blew against him now gave way to hard, gristly but yet, organic feeling obstacles that assailed him with every step he took, leaving numerous mutilations and perforations in his flesh.  Moments later, a debilitating agony came to life within him as he felt his toes crack against a hard, sturdy obstacle, like stone. No sooner did he lose his balance and went tumbling head over heels, skidding across a soft, mushy, loamy surface before finally coming to a halt when his back made contact with another sturdy, jagged object.

What the hell is happening to me? Perplexed queries echoed through the disordered labyrinth of his mind as an agonized groan escaped his lungs.

For the next few minutes his breathing came and went in ragged gasps whilst he himself wavered in and out of consciousness. He didn’t know what to think anymore. None of this was making any sense to him. His eyelids then grew heavy. He decided to give in and closed his eyes. If only for a moment. His nose and ears began to breathe in and register the scents and sounds of nature in full and unadulterated quality as if the volume on life had somehow been turned up exponentially. The tantalizing fresh air mingled with the musty aroma of moist soil and grass and and the even denser scent of ozone. The sounds of chirping crickets, hooting owls, squeaking rodents echoed all around. It all felt so peaceful, relaxing. Then something interrupted the serenade. A low, guttural growl, like a bear or a wolf or was it something else?
Then his eyes shot open, only to be met with a stygian darkness. But just as quickly they adjusted.

What the hell is this? He wondered as the world now appeared before him in vibrant but inverted colours. The distorted vista told him that he was in a forest again. But where? And just how far did he run?

Man this night just keeps getting more and more fucked up.

Then there it was again, the low growling sound. A terrified Jayhan looked all around, all the while silent prayers to a god that he never really gave much deep thought to throughout most of his life sounded on the coattails of his earlier mental protests. Still nothing but thick woods all around and the dense canopy overhead provided little room for illumination from any of the celestial bodies. He slowly climbed to his feet, bracing himself against the tree that broke his fall.

Surprisingly the burning agony that gripped him earlier when he first regained consciousness had largely subsided. But that was not important. The identity of what that growling sound belonged to was priority.

Cautious eyes continually scoped the arboreal enclave before a rustling sound from a thicket a good ways before him drew his attention. Jayhan held his breath. Two sets of heartbeats thundered in his ears like bass drums. One fast and the other regular. The fast no doubt belonged to him and the other……..

The enormous mountain lion, almost the size of a grizzly bear, bounded forth with a snarl from its shrubbery refuge sprinting directly toward the vulnerable teen. Even in inverted colours, the beast’s cold impenetrable eyes glowed with pure, primal, predatory savagery. Jagged fangs, the size of steak knives poised to deliver a lethal bite.

Every fibre of Jayhan’s soul told him to turn tails and run but his suddenly defiant body, paralyzed by fear, refused to obey the commands his brain was sending to it.

The carnivorous cat quickly closed the gap between them. A beat later it pounced. Outstretched claws and bared fangs determined to tear apart and feast upon their petrified quarry.
The cowed teen braced himself for what seemed like the inevitable for the second time in that tumultuous night.
Just mere seconds before the mortal impact, a loud voice exhorted him from deep within the subconscious recesses of his mind.


Jayhan threw himself out of the way just in time, he rolled a few times before coming back to his feet. The mountain lion crashed head long into the tree before dropping to the ground where it stayed down for no more than a minute before rising to its feet. Shaking its head, it focused its attention on him again. Its fangs were broken and it looked somewhat dazed and perplexed. No doubt its feral mind wondered how this previously immobile prey was able to evade death at the last minute. No matter, it would not be denied its meal.

Jayhan drew an anxious breath as the big cat stalked closer to him. For every step it took forward, he inched back. His heart rate increasing a few beats every second. The beast then crouched down, baring its broken fangs, then, it leaped.
A flash of black with a reddish magenta silhouette cut across the lunging animal. Cut through it. A sickening, gargled snarl erupted from the beast’s maw before its heavy corpse veered off to the side then hit the ground with a heavy THUD!!..

Jayhan stood there with a stunned look on his face. Exhaling a sigh of relief he looked all around for his mysterious saviour. A moment later he found himself surrounded by hooded figures clothed in what appeared to his inverted vision as black robes. Of course his corrected sight would have perceived them as white.

“Who—” the question formed in his throat but before he could even get it out fully, one of the figures spoke with a female voice, cutting him off.

“Fear not child! We mean you no harm”

Despite the reassuring words, Jayhan shifted uncomfortably. Part of him couldn’t help but worry if these were the same goons from the party that had tried to kill him earlier and they came to finish the job. Then again the whole idea seemed kinda ridiculous since he hadn’t seen a soul since he awakened. Who were these people? And how did they find him? Why did they find him? He tried to turn and run but before he could even make a move, a hand slowly came up to his face and just like that his whole world went dark again.


Rising Darkness Descending Fire – (1)

Foreword: Shalom Family! As promised here’s the remake of Children of the Comet. I present to you Chapter One of Rising Darkness Descending Fire. This opening is still like the original except with some extra additional details. Anyways, why don’t you go ahead and see for yourself.


Chapter One


A large full moon hung high in the night sky , casting its glorious sapphire rays over the slumbering Georgian suburb of Steel Crescent. As the clock neared 11 PM on a Friday night, one particular adolescent stirred and shifted restlessly as he sat crouched on the ledge of the bay windows of his bedroom. Sixteen year old Jayhan Allen had been up the entire night just staring out the window. His attention wasn’t focused on anything in particular aside from the largely empty streets which were illuminated by lanterns whose glows were dwarfed by  that of the dazzling celestial bodies up above; instead he was occupied by a series of thoughts that gathered above, before and around him like thick dark clouds heralding a torrential downpour. The past week had been a somewhat challenging one in more ways than he cared to relive. A week that he tried his utmost to put behind him, yet the events insisted on replaying themselves on a seemingly endless loop like a home movie that only he could see — Getting a D- on a physics pop quiz, a subject he detested with every fibre of his being and serving three straight days of detention for arriving extremely late to said class. It hadn’t even been a full month into the new school year and already his teacher Mr Dalian was on his case like a tick on a dog and he couldn’t figure out why. Even now he wondered how he mustered the strength to restrain himself from strangling the wretched middle-aged Caucasian man as they sat alone in the library after school Wednesday through today as he was made to do lines. I must not miss class 500 times. Although he did have his suspicions that the man maybe a closet racist given his origins in the notoriously redneck state of Alabama. But that was a whole different topic altogether. Speaking of racists, the scene from today’s sixth period History class sprung up like a bad weed, taught by another redneck he wasn’t too fond of, Mrs Fordham. The subject of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, slavery and the slave rebellions, Lynchings, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement had been brought up. Aside from the awkward glances that were shot in  his (and a few other classmates’) direction by the overwhelmingly Caucasian majority throughout most of the crooning lecture, he had gotten sent to the principal’s office after a particularly heated debate (more like a straight up cuss out) with another classmate. Zachary Cryer, a spoiled, arrogant, privileged white jock who made very disrespectful remarks about Civil Rights leaders Malcolm X and Rosa Parks that the Afrocentric in him  didn’t appreciate. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he was now persona non grata in the eyes of many of his classmates, particularly Mr spoiled Jock himself (who not only got away with a slap on the wrist whilst he himself was served up another heaping helping of detention for the whole of next week but) never passed up an opportunity to make covertly racist jokes and snide remarks whenever they passed each other in the hallways since.

Man, why does high school have to be such a freaking iron maiden. Jayhan’s comely visage grimaced at the the thought. At least the saving grace was,  his parents were away on business for a few weeks and they weren’t due back until the following Saturday, leaving him all alone for the first time. Heaven only knew they (especially his mother) would raise all nine circles of hell if they knew the trouble he had gotten himself into. Being that they were both Ivy League alumni, with a no-nonsense approach to education, this wasn’t something they would take kindly to. He shuddered to even think about it.

His thoughts then shifted as his mind ran on a mathematics assignment that was due the following Monday. He groaned mentally, deciding to put it off yet again. Like physics he held a severe disdain for Mathematics. Who doesn’t?

Outside, the moon began to gradually shift its course, it’s light now cascading through the windows bathing Jayhan’s lean, athletic, dark chocolate complexioned physique in its rich lunar rays, comforting him with a cool sensation that was largely nonexistent except maybe in his imagination.

Short film of bad memories aside, another contention that had been weighing on his mind suddenly sprung up to take their place. At least the scholastic tribulations were a more preferable diversion. A very disturbing image had been plaguing his dreams since he turned sixteen back in March. Even when he was awake he could still imagine it very vividly. He closed his eyes, zeroing in on it, dragging it from his subconscious. There it was. A vast metropolis, pristine, magnificent, glittering with it’s dazzling lights in the night. And he would either be perched on a high  point or simply floating over it. Then suddenly, the scene would change, and instead of a vibrant and lively  vista, a chaotic, incendiary and apocalyptic vision replaced it. Then he would suddenly be surrounded by these shadowed figures. Silhouettes of people. They felt familiar but at the same time they were estranged, he didn’t know them. And just like that, it would end. What does it even  mean? He pondered. While normally he wasn’t one to needlessly dwell on dreams, this one was certain going out of its way to make sure it had his undivided attention.

He opened his eyes and blew a short sigh before hopping off the ledge of the window. Stretching his arms above his head his eyes roved across the room. Even in the near darkness he could make out how spectacularly bland it was. The bare walls were coated with a faded red paint. The only thing that stood out was a nicely varnished queen sized mahogany four poster bed that sat against the western wall. Oddly enough he wasn’t feeling drowsy at all. Nonetheless, he resolved to call it a night. Sauntering across the room, he hopped into bed. Just when he had made himself comfortable, his blackberry which sat on his bedside table began ringing incessantly. A slight scowl formed on his otherwise expressionless face.
Who the hell could this be? He asked himself, though he wasn’t unused to receiving late night calls from time to time. As he reached for it, he wondered whether it was his parents calling to check in on him for the umpteenth time. It had become a daily ritual of theirs to call in at least five times. He exhaled a sigh of both apprehension and relief once he saw it was his best friend Fares. Fares and him had been friends since his freshman year and was the only reason he hadn’t completely lost his mind, so to speak.

“Yo man, what’s up?” His baritone voice answered rather casually.

“Hey man, I hope I didn’t wake you” Fares’ tenor voice responded cheerfully

“Uh, not really, I’ve been up for the whole night basically, can’t really sleep”

“Anyways, sorry to call so late, I got tied up with something, but I did say I’d call you” Fares said apologetically

“And like always you do keep your promises, he he” Jayhan smiled

“So how are you doing?, Dalian’s a real dick wad, huh?” Fares continued, his tone becoming one of concern

“Not too bad, considering. Not to mention I got detention for the whole of next week” Jayhan tried to remain as nonchalant as possible

“For what?” Fares sounded more upset than Jayhan should be

“You know about that little spat me and that douche Zachary had today?” Jayhan explained “Well, Mr School Celebrity got off Scott free and I got stuck with detention”

“Oh man,” Fares groaned “Yo, this is some straight up fuckery. Something needs to be done about that, seriously.”

“Believe me, I would, if I had the means to” Jayhan agreed. A moment of silence passed between the two.

“Listen, you feel like accompanying me on a little excursion tonight?” Fares asked finally.

“What do you mean? What sort of excursion?” Jayhan’s eyebrows furrowed.

“There’s this really cool party happening just out of town and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me!”

Jayhan was somewhat taken aback. “Um dude, it’s practically the middle of the night”. What the hell is he thinking?

“Yeah, I know,” Fares said sheepishly “But seeing as your folks are out of town, I was thinking it couldn’t hurt to kind of break out a little, you know? Misbehave, have a little fun? I mean after all the hell Dalian’s put you through this week, it wouldn’t kill to take a load off.”

Jayhan was not liking where this was going but he couldn’t deny it, the offer did seem tempting. And it’s not like the thought hadn’t crossed his mind before if only fleetingly. Of course he never had the opportunity to explore it, until maybe now.

“So what kind of party is this?” Jayhan inquired out of curiosity. I hope it’s not some lame jock soiree or any of that—-”

“Ah no no, this party is way cooler” Fares interrupted him “you see, it’s hosted by this really exclusive fraternity from Acier City University..”

“A college fraternity?” Jayhan said in a more sarcastic than disbelieving tone. He chuckled loudly. “Wow… And you got invited to this, how exactly?” His voice went a pitch higher.

“The man’s got connections.” Fares boasted lightly

“What sort of connections?” Jayhan pressed him, “I mean, we’re High School Juniors, and to most college kids we’re like grasshoppers in a world of giants. Just saying. Are you sure you didn’t get duped?”

“I overstand your skepticism my friend, but trust me, it’s legit.” Fares countered

“Ok, I believe you” Jayhan conceded, partially. “So what is this fraternity’s name anyway?, some cheesy cliché Greek name like Kappa Tau Gamma or Omega Psi Chi? What?”

“No Greek. The name of the fraternity is Brotherhood of the Queen’s Faithful”

Brotherhood of the Queen’s Faithful? What queen? Jayhan thought skeptically

Fares continued. “And since I’m allowed to bring at least one other person, you being my best friend, you were my first choice”

“How thoughtful of you” Jayhan remarked dryly.

“And the best part is, we’ll have a guest with us”

“Who?” Jayhan asked

“This gorgeous girl that just moved in next door to me a few days ago, her name is Julia. She’ll be starting school with us on Monday” Fares’ voice drawled in a very scandalous and lustful way. Jayhan couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

“And I suppose her parents are so laissez faire they’d let her go out to a college party in the middle of the night with a guy she barely knows” Jayhan scoffed

“Well… Um…. You see, they don’t know that per se” Fares said airily.

“You’re kidding.” Jayhan’s tone turned somewhat serious.

“I kid you not my friend” Fares laughed

Although common sense was exhorting him to cut the conversation short, another side of him grew increasingly intrigued.

“I’ll tell you what, Why don’t you and your lady friend go to the party instead,” Jayhan said “I would probably be a third wheel anyway. And besides I want no part of this delinquent escapade” despite his attempts at seriousness, the joking undertone remained evident as he spoke.

“Come on man, don’t leave me hanging. Join us” Fares continued to pressure him. “This is a golden opportunity. And besides, you’re gonna spend your Friday night moping and feeling sorry for yourself?”

Fares did have a point. “Fine, I’m in” Jayhan sighed in concession.

“That’s what I’m talking about, my man.” Fares said jubilantly as if he had just won the world cup. “Meet me by Kai’s Arcade in about an half an hour?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there” Jayhan agreed finally, ending the exchange.

Quickly hopping out of bed, he made his way across the room and flicked on the lights. Then he proceeded to dress himself. A few moments later, he stood before his mirror, attired in all black apparel (a close fitting V-neck shirt and an equally close fitting black jeans). After running the comb through his thick woolly hair and cropping it into a neat afro that framed his aristocratic face, he slipped on his favourite pair of black Reebok sneakers, grabbed his phone, keys and skateboard and was out the door.

As he cruised down the sidewalk on his skateboard, he took a glance upward at the gibbous moon. A slightly uneasy feeling coursed through him. Something did not feel right. Nonetheless he continued forward before rounding a right corner.

Some time later he found himself at the centre of the bustling metropolis of Acier Heights where the night life was in full swing. The suburbs long behind him. As his eyes darted from side to side, that uneasiness from before seemed to intensify. He wondered whether or not it was a good idea to even come out here. Or was he just getting cold feet.

He closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath, only to reopen them and exhale when he heard a familiar voice call out his name.

“Yo Jayhan”

He looked around quickly spotting a tall, dark olive complexioned boy with short curly locks, standing in front of a building that resembled a Rubik cube. He was clad in a yellow and black sweat shirt and black jeans. It was Fares, and he was in the company of a short, brown complexioned beauty with long, braided dark hair. She was a few shades lighter than Jayhan but definitely darker than Fares. She had to be none other than Julia. She wore a pink, diamond patterned tunic top with black leggings and black, knee-length, high heeled leather boots. A mixed look of relief and apprehension plastered across his face as he made his way over to them.

“Hey man you made it” Fares greeted him warmly as the two shared a hug and a fist bump.

“By the way, this is Julia” Fares continued, pointing at the strange girl.

Jayhan looked her over for a few short seconds. Fares wasn’t joking, she was quite the looker. Full lips, strikingly beautiful face, piercing  brown eyes, lovely hour glass shape. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat jealous.

“Hi nice finally meet you, Jayhan,” She said in a rather shy tone,

“Nice to meet you too” Jayhan responded awkwardly, shaking her hands. “So I hear you’ll be attending Acier High from Monday.”

“Yeah, Fares brought me along to familiarize myself with the place and get to know a few people” she said with a sudden surge of confidence, “He and I are already acquainted and now I’m meeting you. At least I know I won’t be a total stranger when I start school next week.”

Jayhan shot Fares a raised eyebrow before turning back to Julia

“Ok, cool” he said finally “well it’s great we’ll be seeing more of each other from now on then”

“Definitely” she remarked, before breathing a sigh “You know, I’ve never done anything like this before. This sneaking out in the middle of the night. This is so unlike me. It’s kinda terrifying but exciting at the same time.”

“Yeah you better be careful around this one, pretty soon he’ll have you robbing banks for him” Jayhan said jokingly pointing at Fares. They all laughed.

“Or the Federal Reserve, I haven’t decided yet” Fares bit back, to which they all exclaimed another roar of laughter. “Ok, guys, let’s get a move on” he said after the laughing subsided.

“Agreed” Julia said

Enthusiastically, the trio made their way up the street toward Fares’ black hummer. Jayhan placed his skateboard in the trunk and strapped himself in along with the others. A beat later, the engines were ignited and it was off down the road.

After nearly two hours of navigating through a sea of highway traffic the trio finally arrived at a secluded and vastly forested location far beyond the outskirts of the city. A single narrow road led in and out. It was in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

“Fares, where are we?” Julia asked just awaking from a short doze.

“Oh nice of you to rejoin the land of the living” Fares chuckled, “We are a long way from home.”

Julia growled, playfully punching his arm.

Loud music was blasting somewhere nearby which was later deduced as Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” the further along the road the vehicle drove.

“Yo Jay, we’re here ” Fares called to the back seat where is friend jolted awake.

“Uhn” Jayhan groaned, he didn’t realize he too had dozed off. It seemed the drowsiness had finally kicked in after all.
“Damn, what time is it? And where are we?” he asked when he finally caught himself.

“We’re almost at the party” Fares said as the vehicle gradually decelerated.

They came to a halt at a spot populated by every model of vehicle, from sports cars to range rovers, pick-up trucks, the list was endless.

“Well, this is it guys, time to get our groove on” Fares remarked jovially as they disembarked the vehicle.

“that music is awfully loud” Julia groaned. She and Jayhan were still somewhat groggy from their long nap.

“Well duh,  we’re at a party, now come on let’s get a move on.” Fares teased in a pep-talkish fashion.

Jayhan let out a yawn and stretched, finally breaking the drowsy spell. Now that they were all alert, they sauntered off into the woods, with Fares leading Julia by hand.
Their trek was a relatively short one, ten minutes to be exact. By which time they arrived at a the edge of a small slope which cascaded into a huge clearing down  below which was bordered by a great lake further down. The turn out was quite impressive: older adolescents and young adults jumped and gyrated to the now playing  “Party Rock Anthem”. Another interesting sight was five large bon fires evenly spaced atleast 10 feet apart in a pentagonal formation right at the centre of the clearing.

“Jayhan, Julia, Welcome to the party of the Century!” Fares exclaimed in a tone of pure ecstasy.

Jayhan looked at his friend’s face. Fares had a dazed look in his eyes. It was as though he was suddenly under a spell. Jayhan was soon overtaken by an uneasy sensation. Whether it was anxiety or a bad sense of foreboding, he didn’t like the direction this night was heading, and he certainly didn’t appreciate the one  Fares or Julia were headed in either, who both for the matter ambled down the slope and into the crowd.

“Hey wait for me” He called as he hubbled after them. Navigating through a crowd of intoxicated, dancing college students was no easy feat. Aside from the high, musky stench of alcohol which emanated from them, not surprising as none of them were without a can or plastic cup of beer and God knows what other alcoholic beverage. About 7 times the most he narrowly avoided getting smacked in the face by wildly flailing arms and burned by one of the bonfires.

Before long he caught up with Julia and Fares on the opposite side of the clearing, right beside the lake. Both were in conversation with a tall brown haired, bespectacled, caucasian young man. He looked somewhere around his early to mid 20s.

“Oh there you are Jayhan” Fares said sheepishly, finally acknowledging his friend’s presence. “Jayhan I’d like you to meet Joshua Baronstein. He’s a good buddy of mine and one of the big brothers in this Fraternity.”

“It’s nice to meet you Jayhan,” Joshua said rather cordially, with a somewhat nerdy accent, extending his right hand. Jayhan could sense something was off about him and it wasn’t the fact that he had been drinking, as evidenced by the bud light can held in his left hand. No, it was just his whole aura, it was dark, twisted, malevolent. He couldn’t begin to explain it but he somehow got the feeling that Joshua was not someone to be trusted. Even so, he returned the young man’s gesture nervously all the while masking his apparent anxiety with a fake smile and a light nod.

“So I see you didn’t bring a date” Joshua continued,

“They are my date” Jayhan responded with a twinge of sarcasm, pointing at Fares and Julia, at which they all cackled loudly.

“Well I think we can fix that, I’ll be back in a minute” Fares said before disappearing back into the crowd.

Jayhan looked at a clearly confused Julia and shrugged.

“So, Joshua” Julia said, “this fraternity is called, Brotherhood of the Queen’s Faithful, right? So exactly what queen do you all pledge your allegiance to? If you don’t mind me asking”

Joshua smirked. “You’ll find out soon enough” he said darkly. It sounded almost like a threat.

“Oh, OK?” Julia remarked stiffly, her voice rang with an undertone of  timidity.

A few moments later Fares returned leading a tall, skinny blonde haired young woman by the hand. She looked no older than 19, and was clad in a skimpy, teal, two-piece outfit. In her left hand she held a can of red bull beer.
Jayhan’s eyes immediately widened as he looked her over, she had a rather disengaged look on her face. You didn’t need to ask whether or not she was high.

What the fuck? was the question running through Jayhan’s mind

“Jay, I’d like you to meet, Selena Alvers, she’s a freshman.” Fares said “Selena, these are my good friends Jayhan and Julia, and tonight, you’ll be Jayhan’s dance partner.”

“Um, Hi,” Julia said, waving nervously

“Oh, hey, whatever” Selena replied in a dismissive manner quickly directing her attention to Jayhan, looking him up and down “so you’re gonna dance with me or not?” it sounded more like a demand. Jayhan’s eyes widened further as he furrowed his brows. At that point, Party Rock Anthem had ended and Kelly Rowland’s Commander was now blasting all across the clearing.

“Aaah!!! I love this song” Selena screamed excitedly. Before Jayhan knew it, Selena grasped a handful of his shirt, and in a fleeting moment in which it seemed like this woman suddenly possessed  superhuman strength, she whisked him away into the crowd. Joshua, Julia and Fares quickly followed.

Being in the centre of the madness, Jayhan felt his inhibitions rapidly stripping away. Feelings of ecstasy and exhilaration jolted through him like electricity through power lines as he became a puppet of the melody. Selena’s gyrations captivated and aroused him in ways he’d never experienced nor any 16 year old boy should ever experience, at least not for another 2 to 5 years, but then again even preteens have done far raunchier and naughtier things.

Immediately following a few songs after that, the duo found themselves out of the clearing and all alone in the woods, locked in a hot make out frenzy.

Halfway through he noticed Selena was becoming a little too aggressive, trying to tear his shirt off. The impressive amount of alcohol in her system as evidenced by its high stench on her breath was clearly propelling her actions.

“Wait, hang on a second” Jayhan said, stopping her

“What?” Selena answered him impatiently.

“I’ve never done anything like this before” Jayhan said uneasily,

“Well, tonight is your lucky night. Not many high school boys can say they’ve hooked up with a college girl.” Selena said, her voice ringing with a tone of savage lust. She grabbed him, throwing him to the ground in a swift move and proceeded to straddle him.

“No, Stop!!!” Jayhan protested, pushing her off of him and quickly scrambled to his feet.

“Selena, listen to me” he continued “you’re drunk, ok? And this is not something you want to be doing, especially not in the state that you’re in right now”

“Ew, what the hell are you? My father?” Selena sneered at him, shooting him a rather nasty look “You mean to tell me, you’re gonna pass up an opportunity of a lifetime?, unbelievable!”

“Look, maybe it’s best we just go back to the party”

Selena reluctantly got to her feet and not long after, she was clutching her stomach, moaning. A few moments later she began vomiting and tumbled back to the ground.

“Selena!” he cried, rushing to her side. Propping her up against a tree, he proceeded to examine her face. Her pupils were dilated and her eyes darted wildly all over the place. She tried speaking but her words were so slurry he could hardly make out a thing she was saying.

Oh man, what the hell did Fares get me into? he cursed in his head.

He quickly but carefully laid Selena flat.

“Stay right here, I’ll go and get help.” were Jayhan’s final, panic laced words to her before taking off back to the clearing.

Moments later, he once again found himself navigating through the dancing multitude hoping to find Julia, Fares or even Joshua, or better yet, any of these party animals who wasn’t completely under the influence of alcohol. Though sadly, that wasn’t the case. Aside from the fact that neither of the aforementioned trio were anywhere in sight, everywhere he turned, disoriented, disconnected and utterly wasted faces greeted him. They looked like a horde of zombies. He even wondered if anyone had fallen into one of the bonfires , but judging from the utter moral decay before his eyes, his best guess was that, these cretins couldn’t care less if such a thing had happened. He continued his search nevertheless. When he came to a halt, the currently playing song “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna had done likewise. At that moment a loud cheer went up from from the crowd.
Jayhan was at a loss.

What in the world is going on? he thought.

Suddenly a loud female voice echoed across the clearing

“Our beloved brethren, Hear me”

The crowd went silent.

Jayhan redirected his attention toward the source of the voice. Toward the far Eastern end of the clearing, upon an elevated platform, there stood a pale, dark haired young woman clad in a maroon gown. Behind her, stood at least  ten individuals clad in black hooded robes. Their faces were obscured.

The young woman continued her monologue. “For generations, our queen has anxiously awaited her resurrection.
This world as we know it has reached a point of reckoning. This era of peace and tranquility will shortly end and a new era will dawn. Tremble at her coming. But first, the gates must open, the seal must be broken and the path of her arrival must be sanctified in blood and fire. This world will end tonight and the fire of Tirania will raze the earth, killing all those who dare to oppose her rule and unleashing an age of perpetual

The silent crowd erupted once again with a frenzy of cheering and whooping.

Jayhan’s confusion intensified. What sort of sick, depraved nonsense is this woman yacking about? and who the bloody hell is Tirania?

Immediately his mind ran back to Joshua and what he said to Julia earlier.

‘Could this Tirania character be the queen this Fraternity was named for. The person they claim fidelity to? Was this Fraternity some crazy Pagan goddess worshipping cult? If so, how the hell are they allowed to exist at a university? And how the hell did Fares get caught up with these people in the first place?

He suddenly felt agitated and frightened, he was not liking this at all. He needed to get as far away from here as possible. He needed to find Fares and Julia and bail.

He began pushing his way back through the crowd and as he did, a severe chill ran up his spine, as though all the happiness had suddenly vanished from the world. A very sinister presence had suddenly descended upon the clearing.

“There walks amoung us this night, a very special child.” The woman continued ranting “a child within whose blood flows the power that destroyed our queen and in whose blood lies the key to her revival. And with his sacrifice, Tirania will once again walk in the land of the living”
Soon that chill that overtook him was replaced by a stinging hot sensation. Like hot magma was suddenly coursing through his veins.

“What the hell is this?” he groaned under his breath as he collapsed to his knees and then flat on the ground, writhing in agony. The crowd around him began to gradually disperse and some minutes later, he found himself all alone and coincidentally at the centre of the bon fires and the strange young woman was standing over him.

Jayhan looked up at her. The evil that lurked behind her eyes and all over her face was unreal. He then took a quick glance around him. Her ten hooded companions had assembled themselves in a circle around them.

“Hello, Jayhan Allen” she said to him in a sinister, yet soft sugary voice. “With the life of this child, we praise Tirania! All Hail Tirania” she said, this time returning her attention to the crowd around her who in response yelled

“Hail Tirania”

Jayhan wanted with all his heart to believe everything that was happening was part of some cruel joke, or better yet, it was a nightmare. But neither desired scenario could explain the ever intensifying pain that continued to grip his body. It was all very real no matter how much he wished otherwise. But why, why him? Why was any of this happening? Is this what his best friend invited him here for? To be some crazy cult’s sacrificial lamb to some weird pagan deity.

As fear gave way to fatalistic hopelessness, Jayhan seemed to gradually acquiesce to the very real possibility that this may very well be his last night in the land of the living. A single tear suddenly ran down his cheek as thoughts and memories raced backwards in his mind.

The pale, red gowned woman was suddenly armed with a weird looking silver dagger, her attention now returned to him. Fully fixed and unflinching was her murderous gaze as she raised the dagger above her head, the crowd around her chanting in a mad frenzy egging her on to commit her evil deed.

Jayhan closed his eyes, preparing himself for what seemed like the inevitable. His pain intensified yet again, forcing him to open his eyes which then beheld something truly frightening. And no, it wasn’t the dagger that was bearing down upon him. No, it was the sky. It was rapidly turning a bright scarlet.

His body began to glow. He let out a  loud ear piercing yell, propelled by his unabating agony. Moments later, a loud nuclear class explosion erupted, sending a gigantic mushroom pillar of smoke and fire ascending into the heavens……..

That’s What I’m Talking About!!!

Shalom Family,

Take alook at this video below. It’s called “Man Beats the heck out of police officers after thy unjustifiably taze his wife”

The title basically speaks for itself. Here’s a word for you pink booty human hyaena crackas: Just because your president is a racist, don’t mean it’s ok for you to act the damn fool.. He has bodyguards, YOU DON’T!!! This ain’t the 1920s, those days are gone and they are NOT coming back!!! Family, we ain’t seen nothing yet.