Rising Darkness Descending Fire (3)

Chapter Three


The majestic sapphire moon and the innumerable constellations that accompanied it reflected off the shimmering surface of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. 2000 feet below the surface, an enormous submarine cruised through the dark and frigid depths. Its sleek black exterior coupled with its slender, missile-like structure made it almost invisible to the marine life.

Carlos Maldonado dragged his feet as he marched wearily through the spacious  halls of the vessel’s interior. He yawned as he strolled past a pair of oak double doors that he knew only too well led to the conference room. A moment later he made his way through a narrow vestibule and into a state of the art circular chamber that came alive with blinking lights, flashing monitors and numerous computer consoles. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches, the lithe figured Puerto Rican, rubbed a hand through his greasy but closely cropped raven hair. He cast tired eyes around the control room, before making his way over to one of the computers and taking his seat. After punching in a few keys on the keyboard to  log in, all around the chamber, a loud hissing ensued as pairs of horizontal panels divided to reveal large viewing windows. Carlos turned around to glance at them. The almost stygian darkness of the ocean did little to impress him. Turning back to his computer, he began clicking furiously with the mouse, opening several different applications, one of which triggered a series of powerful flood lights that were strategically placed around the outer stern. The intense beams illuminated the aquatic world around him. The teeming diversity of marine life brought a smile to his face. He sat back for a second to take it all in before turning his attention back to the computer. After punching a few more keys, he got up and walked towards one of the viewing windows.

He blew a short sigh as he gazed at the numerous sea creatures that scurried by. A good distance away, he spotted what he thought was a great white shark. He flinched, slightly panicked at the creature’s sudden appearance.

“Staring at the little fishies again I see” He heard a female voice behind him.

He turned around, only to come face to face with a rather attractive young woman. Petite in frame and possessing a mocha complexion. Her curly brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail. A small smile graced her innocent features.

“Oh hey Anissa” He said, looking her over. She was always a welcomed sight, even though he had a wife and two daughters waiting for him at home. He blushed as his eyes raked hungrily over her, feeling somewhat guilty that he was even entertaining the slightest inappropriate imaginations about her. The two were dressed in like manner, all black which was the signature dress code for the staff. The only exception was, where Carlos was clad in a polo shirt and cargo pants with black timberlands, Anissa wore a slightly buttoned down shirt with a skirt that was a little too short for comfort and high heels. Carlos being a devout Catholic knew he have to do some serious confessions when he returned home two months from now.

“Anyways,” Anissa said, “The captain wants you to go over these files by the end of your shift.”

Carlos breathed a sigh and rolled his eyes.

“Yeah I know” Anissa continued almost as though she’d read his mind. “You’ve already got so much on your plate and then you got this to contend with”

Carlos didn’t need to ask what “this” was. “Just put em on my desk” he said pointing to his computer.

Anissa minced over to his desk, setting the file down before making her way back to stand in front of him.

“If it makes you feel any better, Captain wouldn’t have stuck you with such a huge responsibility if he didn’t think you were capable enough to handle it.” She said, trying to sound reassuring.

Carlos breathed another short sigh before chuckling. That’s Anissa. He thought. She always knew how to butter a guy up.

“Wanna come stare at the fishies with me?” He asked flatly.

Anissa shrugged. “Why not, my break’s about to start anyway.” The two walked over toward the viewing windows. The abundant deep sea life captivated their attention.

Carlos glanced at Anissa who hadn’t even noticed or at least, she pretended not to. He felt his manhood engorge little by little as his eyes hungrily took her in. Her petite yet curvaceous frame aroused his sex deprived being. It took all his strength to restrain himself from grabbing her and devouring her lips before bending her over one of the many desks. He tore his eyes away from her, closing them to centre himself for a moment. A gasp from Anissa forced him to reopen them where an ethereal, azure glow greeted them.

The submarine slowly cruised over a field of what looked like reefs before it came into what seemed like a large undersea valley or canyon. Everywhere was littered with colossal l ruins of what appeared to be an ancient civilization. Fallen pillars and half demolished archways and staircases that would have put the Vatican to shame were strewn haphazardly as far as the eye could see. The ethereal glow grew stronger the further along the vessel moved.

“What is this place?” Anissa asked as a look of pure wonder and astonishment plastered across her face. Carlos was at a loss for words. Neither of them had seen anything like this before.

“Should I call the Captain?” Anissa suggested

“No” Carlos objected, “Not yet” before sprinting back to his desk leaving a dumbfounded Anissa behind. He had just logged back into his computer which had locked itself in his absence when she called him back.

“Carlos, come quick” her voice shrill with excitement. After racing back to her side, his jaw literally dropped to the floor when he saw the cause of her sudden enthusiasm.

A good ways before them , toward the end of the valley, a gigantic stone statue of what appeared to be a young man stood atop what seemed to be a vast threshold in a defiant battle pose. A look of pure rage was etched on his face whilst an intense azure light radiated from him.

“What in the world?” Carlos said breathlessly.

Suddenly, the interior of the submarine began to rumble. First they were low tremors before escalating to a violent magnitude.

Anissa and Carlos cast horror filled eyes about them as they beheld the computer consoles and all the other electrical fittings sparking violently as they were forcefully dislodged from their positions.

A hysterical scream escaped Anissa.

“Come on!” Carlos yelled, grabbing her as he tried to lead her through the ever growing wreckage. Anissa screamed again as a falling computer nearly grazed her backside. A few seconds later, the vessel lurched, sending the two of them flying off to one side. Carlos crashed into a plexiglass holding area which housed the mainframe whereas Anissa went skating across the floor before connecting with a wall. For a moment she laid there unconscious having had the wind knocked out of her before a series of cough resuscitated her. Slowly crawling to her feet, her panic stricken eyes immediately searched for Carlos. She instantly spotted his prone and unconscious form beneath a pile of monitors, the lacerations on his forehead and arms bleeding profusely.

“Carlos!” She shrieked as she stumbled over to him. A searing pain suddenly burst to life in her left thigh. Looking down, her eyes widened in disbelief as he beheld a small laceration.

“Fuck” she cursed as she paused for a brief moment to catch her breath before continuing. Gritting her teeth she bore the pain as she ambled over to her fallen companion. As she drew closer to him, she took care to avoid the still sparking innards of the destroyed monitors that obstructed her path. When she got to Carlos she crouched down beside him and began to clear away some of the monitors that had collapsed on top of him.

“Carlos?! Carlos wake up” she said frantically as she tapped his cheek trying to rouse him. She then placed two fingers by his neck and breathed a sigh of relief when she got a pulse.

“HELP!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!” she screamed hysterically as she desperately tried to revive him. After her cries for assistance went unanswered, she slowly flipped Carlos over into a supine position and immediately began CPR.

“Come on” she said in between ragged breaths which later coalesced into sobs.
A few beats later a series of coughs followed by a groan escaped his lungs.

“Oh thank God” Anissa breathed. As Carlos’ eyes fluttered open, a dazed and disoriented look occupied them.

Meanwhile, outside the vessel, a series of cracks began to materialize all over the statue which only seemed to grow larger and more numerous as the seconds went by. An eerie dark blue energy began to seep out until finally the figure crumbled completely. In its place, hovering above the remains of its stone shell was a dark blue orb that measured a few sizes larger than a wrecking ball. The azure light that emanated from it intensified into rippling waves of supernatural energy. The hapless submarine began to gradually rupture under the preternatural force that the orb exuded. Inside its quaking interior, a panicking Anissa held on to a barely conscious Carlos. Tears streamed down her face as the severity of the situation finally registered in her disordered mind.

“Our father, which art in heaven..” She began as trembling sobs wracked her body. The viewing windows began to crack. Closing her eyes, she wrapped her arms tightly around Carlos as she continued her prayer mentally as though doing so would forestall what seemed like the inevitable. A beat later the windows shattered and frigid ocean water came surging into the chamber. The sheer force of it consumed them both and everything else. The last thought that flashed through Anissa’s mind as her life force ebbed away was the scene from Titanic where Kate Winslet’s character watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s dead body descend into the cold murky depths of the Atlantic much like herself. From the outside, the submarine disintegrated under the pulsating energy of the orb until there was nothing remaining.

The orb hovered in place a moment longer before propelling itself off through the waters. Sometime later it broke through the surface, ascending further into the sky until it came to a halt.

Then, a startling transformation took place. The orb began to violently and dramatically change its shape. A few moments later, the process was completed and there he was.

Levitating high above the waters was an extremely pale giant of a man with intense blue eyes and long flowing dark hair with navy blue highlights. His imposing form was clad in a full navy blue body armour that was accented with golden trims. His youthful visage which looked no older than 25 was marred by an inhumanly sinister expression.

Letting out a long deep growl, he warily scanned his surroundings, from the waters below, to the skies above and around. Then he raised his arms above his head and let out a loud, monstrous roar which almost shook the heavens.

“After all this time, I’m free” He said in a deep, menacing voice. Taking another look about him he inhaled a deep breath before turning to fly off into the far west.


12 thoughts on “Rising Darkness Descending Fire (3)

  1. Onitaset

    Wow. You have an imagination! This is very well-thought out and very well-painted. All the micro-details are amazing. You certainly have a skill with writing.

    I saw one glaring typo: “disbelief as he beheld a small laceration.” But great work. I need to up my craft.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Kushite Prince

        That’s what I was wondering. Those hurricanes looked really bad. The damage in the islands and Puerto Rico looked very bad. I’m glad you’re okay. Is your family doing okay? I saw some of it on the news.


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