What Are Your Thoughts?



Shalom Family,

The image above was shared with me by a friend on Facebook. Now, I don’t know if this image and caption are real, although it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it actually was considering just how emboldened these heathens are becoming in these last days. The comments that I’ve read were ones of disgust and revolt which is to be expected.

Now I’m just wondering family, what’s your perspective on this?


20 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. ShelbyCourtland

    Well, considering that I see 17 ‘likes’, I would say that there are definitely others who are into this and believe me, since I am from the South, I can believe all up and down on this and not to steal their thunder, but two of my first cousins not only dated, but married and we were all checking out their children for signs of ‘issues’ but the thing about being in the South is that there are many people with ‘issues’ in families down there because incest is still a major issue. However, dating your sibling is in my view, monstrous! I could not conceive of that but then, I have heard of fathers impregnating their daughters.

    Nido, don’t be surprised at anything you see! Just roll your eyes and keep it moving. LOL!

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      1. ShelbyCourtland

        That is true! And I am SO not bragging. I’m just saying. We’ve got some real mucked up ass people down there! And the problem is so pervasive because there is no new blood to be had in my small hometown, people are actually producing what could pass for animals. There are actually people who look like fish, crocodiles, chickens and I am sorry to say, apes. There is actually an ape family there and they have literally frightened children to screams and faints. I am not kidding, Nido. I only wish I were.

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  2. kelley

    It’s a “no” from me. Beyond disturbing! There is either something wrong with their wiring or they were abused when they were younger. Possibly the brother sexually abused the sister? And, with no better understanding, she feels the abuse is love and what a relationship should feel like. I don’t know.

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  3. Truthangel07

    White people are the most depraved animals on this earth. This is standard behavior, given the nature of what we already know regarding sexual molestation, pedophilia, prostitution, et al. Anything that is vile, these people do it. They have no place in the beds or lives of Black people, yet, many still cohabitate or mate with them. We must start ostracizing our own who engage with these abhorant troglodyte, genetic defects.

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