VIDEO, A Black Donald Trump Lover Gets PUNISHED

Lemme hear your thoughts on this


18 thoughts on “VIDEO, A Black Donald Trump Lover Gets PUNISHED

  1. Verbs2015

    I wrote a post on this same video which blew up like crazy. This video reveals two main issues which are prevalent within black society, extremely bad parenting which is typical of the overwhelming majority of black single mother households and the backwards idea of monolithic thought.

    Let’s be brutally honest here, this is what most black children have to endure on a daily basis, being tormented, bullied and humiliated by mentally ill, mentally disjointed mothers who get their kicks and enjoyment out of inflicting pain and misery upon others and who are also seeking attention via any means necessary.

    There are large portions of black women who have openly subscribed to the dysfunctional habit of uploading their degenerate antics to various social media platforms. Black women who engage in this kind of stupidity must be exposed and rebuked at every turn. Their desire for attention at this point has gotten way out of hand.

    The idea that everybody within black society has to think alike has also become a cancer within it. Nowhere else do you see this philosophy being pushed so viciously. This buffoon messed up big time, she has been reported for this cruel savagery and CPS has opened up an investigation. Hopefully the reprimand this woman has received will make other black mothers think twice before engaging in reprobate conduct and posting it to social media.


      1. Verbs2015

        Throwing your own son out of the house because he supports a different candidate? I’ll be honest, I cannot see the logic in this form of action at all. The article should have come up. Are you still subscribed to my blog?


    1. Conscious Queen

      Excuse me. This is not how most black children get treated this is what media allows you to see and this is how you choose to generalize. This is how sterotypes and racism occur.

      Of course this is not good parenting. She sould have sat down and talked to hom so he understands it.

      However, I am more concerned by the fact you have grouped all blacks together. I am almost positive you dont act the same as everyone in your race. And it would be unfair for me to assume so.


      1. Verbs2015


        What are you talking about? Black women are their own PR firm, social media is the branch they use to advertise their dysfunction, they have outdone the mainstream media in throwing their own reputation and image down the toilet.

        Yes, I can generalise when a trend has formed. Most black women treat black children like trash, however they will fawn over and worship mixed race and white children all day.

        All for grouping all blacks together, whenever black women accuse me of that I always ignore the accusations because it is a false charge that is purposely brought up to stall the conversation. Show me where I have grouped “all” blacks together, I’ll wait.

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      2. createdgreat

        This has to do with how you were raised then. There many negative videos out there. But there are more good black mothers then not. I am from a lineage of great black women. And as i grew up they surrounded me. If i were you i would do a bit more traveling and research before making that argument. I guess it helps to add i am a social worker snd go to all households equally. Some of them just hold more sterotypes then others. That part where you say most is untrue. It happens, but most…. come on. You have not been in mist homes.


      3. Verbs2015


        Typical black female tactic, always attempting to narrow down what is currently being observed and experienced by many, to the individual. That Kansas City shuffle won’t work with me. There are very few good black mothers out there and of that small minority the majority of them are married.

        Your response doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, black women as a collective will always attempt to sweep away their dysfunction, I don’t expect any truth to come out of your mouth.

        Travelling has nothing to do with anything, we now have rapid communication aswell as sophisticated data systems where large amounts of information can be exchanged and gathered in seconds.

        Pretending that there isn’t a problem and scrambling for excuses is only making the situation worse. It’s a fact that most black women today are single, that within itself is indicative of a major problem.

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      4. createdgreat

        You cant place your experience on someone else. I hope you do better with your children then what you have experienced.


      5. Verbs2015


        Those days of black women attempting to narrow negative experiences down to the examiner alone are over. Hundreds of thousands of black men are saying exactly the same things and have been doing so for the longest while. Again, that Kansas City shuffle doesn’t work anymore.

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      6. createdgreat

        Im not going to cowar down and act like i wasnt mad reading this. I was thats why i called it coonary.
        I delivered facts the same way you did and you dissmissed what i said. I am not use to the behavior you speak of in my circle and family. I see it on tv and have had pple tell me things which i do believe.
        But we reacted to each other the same way. So thats when i stopped to say hey. What is she really talking about. If i was pretending i sure in the hell wouldnt be on here having conversation with a women who writes blogs speaking against the woman i work with everyday.


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