Food And Television Zombies (FATZ)

Shalom Family,

Here’s another documentary that I would like to share with you all. It’s called Food And Television Zombies or FATZ.

This documentary was compiled and produced by Eliyah Yisrael, son of Deborah and Yahu Yisrael, the creators of the Whited Out series. Now Eliyah in conjunction with his sisters Rebecca and SofiYah have compiled this edifying, and informative documentary about the scary reality of the modern food industry and it’s impact on the overall health of people in America and worldwide. I must warn you though, some of the material in this documentary may very well gross you out and you may want to stop the video for a bit and go and throw up, but I promose you that atter watching it, it will give you a whole new perspective on eating and your overall health. For those of you who may be practicing some bad eating habits, this is especially for you. Not to bash you or make you feel bad but to open your eyes and to give younunderstanding and enlightenment. Without further ado, Kings and Queens, I present to you The Food And Television Zombies (FATZ) Documentary. Enjoy




4 thoughts on “Food And Television Zombies (FATZ)

  1. Kushite Prince

    This was produced very well. I watched the first fifteen minutes. I need to sit and watch the whole thing. This is the type of information our people need right now. Al this GMO crap in our so-called food. Most of it is garbage. I gave up sodas a few years ago. I also don’t eat pork or red meat. I do like fish though. I like grilled salmon or talipia. But we all need to investigate the food we put in our bodies. These corrupt bastards in the FDA don’t make it easy for you. That’s why so many of our people are getting sick and suffer from obesity.


    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      If you reach the segment about the Heart Attack Grill, man these devils are so twisted and fucked up it’s not funny. I don’t eat red meat except on occasion and I have cut out pork completely. I had put on alot of weight because of it and since I stopped eating it, I slimmed down tremendously…..

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