Shalom Family,

Yes yes, it is that time again, The Grand Nidotopian AfroPower Awards Fall Edition.

For those of you who do not know, these awards are a moment to recognize and appreciate the efforts of those of us in the black blogosphere who through their many articles work to raise the consciousness and awareness of black people living in a white dominated society. Also, unlike the innaugural edition this past Summer, it will be in the hands of you my rabid readers to decide who will receive the Fall Awards. In the comments section, you can noninate up to five bloggers that you feel deserve this prestigious Award. The deadline will be Thursday 27th of October at 8:00 PM. And the Awards will be on Saturday the 29th.

See you there folks…




10 thoughts on “Announcement

      1. kelley

        Awesome! Well you know I love all the winners from last season. But I wanna nominate Marcellous Lovelace for the best political artist category.

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  1. Kushite Prince

    This is a good look. I’m excited already. I’m still putting the final touches on my own awards post. I’m almost done with it. I could probably list about ten posters that deserve a nomination. But if I had to name five:
    1. Tired Sista
    2. Amos Magazine
    3. Melanated Man
    4.Black My Story
    5. Original Black Woman


      1. Kushite Prince

        Thanks a lot. I’ve been looking for the right images for my post. I came up with some funny categories for the award show. You’ll get a kick out of Everyone keeps asking me about it. I think I’ll upload it in November.


  2. Truthangel07

    I can’t name just a few. Every blog that I’ve read has been very deep and thought provoking. We all are plugged in to the metaphysics of this universe and tap into the intellectual of our people so that they can over-stand what is really going on. I have favorites. But, I just can’t name just a few. Really.

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