Mentally Destroyed Black Man Adopts 3 White Boys…



Shalom Family,

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this but I came across this story that I found to be rather disturbing. This black Virginia man by the name of Barry Farmer decided to pull a Michael Jackson and adopt three white children, boys…

Yes you read that right…. Now his rationale behind such a move is that tired KumBaYa trope we’ve no doubt heard time and time agin —- “Family is deeper than skin colour”.

In an interview with WRIC ABC 8 News, Barry Farmer opens up about adopting his sons 8 years ago.

Apparently Mr Farmer adopted his first son, now 14 years old by the name of Darrell, after a period of parenting training classes.

In his own words and I quote “I went through the training. The director who was there told me I was perfect for the program,”

Farmer also goes on to proclaim that he loves children and that everyone — no matter their race —- deserves a family. (I’ll give him that one)

Anyways moving on. Subsequently, Farmer adopted 12 year old Xavier and 6 year old Jeremiah.

Farmer further goes on to state and I quote — “In this day in time when it comes to family, and seeing color or seeing unity and belonging, and that’s what I was hoping to accomplish with my family anyway,” Farmer explains. “When I have them now, I can’t imagine them anywhere else, and it’s a typical family. We may not look alike, but it’s a typical family. I just want them to be someone that I can be proud of and they can be proud of and that’s all it takes.”

Ok so that was the report and you can read it for yourself on the Atlanta Black Star site.
Now for my commentary.

This story definitely raises some eyebrows for me as well as some concerns especially in regards to how the media is sensationalizing this story. A black man who decides to grow his family by adopting three white boys….. Let that sink in for a moment family…

When one considers the number of black children in the Foster Care System and how they are being damaged by it, it really is a kick in the ribs and a slap in the face to them. No doubt Mr Farmer believes that he has won three trophies and he is no doubt going above and beyond to give those little white boys a good life. Another thing, Yah forbid, when he takes his last breath and crosses over to the other side, everything he has will go to those little white boys.

The thing is it family, some of our people don’t seem to get that a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Why I said because, the very idea that those little white boys would grow up to be so gracious and so grateful and have so much love in their hearts for black people because of what their black father did for them is utterly ridiculous. More than likely they will grow up and fit right into their whiteness. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Farmer ends up getting his back side burnt not too long from now. I tell ya it’s like the black version of The Blind Side.

I find it so amazing that some of our people can so easily open up their hearts and extend their souls to people who have historically been our enemies. I highly doubt that Mr Farmer would have adopted three black boys. And if that did happen my bet is that the media wouldn’t have even covered that story. Mr Farmer would’ve probably been better off adopting three puipies from the animal shelter.

Another aspect of this story that I wanna touch on is the fact that Mr Farmer seems to be mentally destroyed, if you know what I mean and if you watched the video clip on the Atlanta Black Star site, you would see that he appears to be a bit on the fruity side. I mean, a really big hand bag falls out when he opens his mouth, and in that regard I say he did us a big favour in not adopting any black child. It also seems to explain why he gleams and beams with such pride when he talks about wanting to be someone that his “children” can be proud of.

Now this is in no way an isolated incident, and Black families extending such kindness like that to a white child is nothing new and 9 times out of ten that white child ends up growing up and doing a total 180 and you have a real life case of Imitation of life. I mean take a look at the William Sisters’ father Richard Williams. Many of you may npt know that he took in a white child himself, but that’s another topic altogether. In hindsight, situations like this speak to the mental destruction that has been inflicted on our people… This fruity Christianity Love Love Love garbage has got to stop and until we deal with that, we will never get anywhere.. And with that I will say Shalom…


Black Virginia Man Adopts 3 White Brothers Because Family, Love Trumps Race

Father of 3 adopted boys: ‘Family is deeper than skin color’



10 thoughts on “Mentally Destroyed Black Man Adopts 3 White Boys…

  1. NoCountryforOldCoons

    What in the Sam hell is wrong with this Black male?
    Black kids are the slowest to move out of foster care and into stable homes.
    Here this confused coon is adopting, not one but three little pale demonlettes with a smile!
    They already have every privilege know to humanity and he gives them another? WTF
    In ten years they will be managers, business owners and employing people of color and treating them like their Pale selves are better.



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