An Ode To The Lost Children

Shalom Family, once again inspiration had come to me and I have penned yet another piece of poetry, I hope y’all like it

There aren’t enough words to express the love I feel for a home I never knew
Only the forgotten memories of the greatness you once were will have to do
My hope one day is to return to you, whom Yah himself above all else adored
And stay within your arms and to see your majestic beauty restored

Stories and books are sometimes so hard to believe
If I could see you for myself and get to know you I would be so relieved
You were my first love
Your Smiling face once radiated with the lights of heaven above
Calming my spirit with your innocence like a pure white dove

Remember when we used to say that we’d be together forever?
It’s almost impossible to fathom that connection we once had is now totally severed
And every tear that falls my anguished soul frets more and more
Filling every sea and ocean from shore to shore

Words cannot express the love I feel for a home I never knew
Even though my blood and tears are scattered over every grass of the world like fresh fallen dew
There will never be any that compares to you.
In my dreams I hear your heart mourning aloud “he is so far from me”
“Dear God, there is no justice in the world if such a thing can even be”

In my waking moments the wind carries the echoes of your grief
Bound and fettered are your greatest treasures now in the hands of a dirty thief
You wail in the barren deserts night and day “Who has taken them and to where?”
The thought of never seeing them again is too much to bear
Even after all this time your cries continue to fall on deaf ears
“What’s the use?” you say, “no one even cares”


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