If This Doesn’t Wake Us Up Then I DON’T KNOW WHAT Will


Shalom Family, Now as you all know that racism and anti black sentiments are ongoing issues for many of our brothers and sisters, particularly in the USA. Now I’m sure many of younare well aware of the debacle that recently unfolded with Colin Kaepernick refusing to honour the National Anthem. Now in that same spirit many black football players across the country are doing likewise. In this particular blog post I will focus one one particular individual by the name of Rodney Axson. Now this 16 year old student and athlete of Brunswick High School in Ohio came under some pretty heavy fire. On September 2nd during a game against a rival school, Rodney overheard many of his white team mates speaking in a very derogatary manner about the black playsers on the opposing team, using racial slurs like the N-Word. After confronting them about it he decided to show his disapproval by kneeling during the national anthem, something his teammates didn’t take kindly to. According to Rodney he was immediate targeted by his teammates and called a nigger to his face as well as in a series of harrassing text messages. A few days after, someone posted a snapchat story that featured anpiece of paper with the NIGGER written on ut next to the phrases “Fuck Rodney” and “Let’s Lynch Niggers”….

This whole incident has Rodney’s family all shaken up and his father Rodney Axson Sr is now rethinking the decision he made to relocate the family to Ohio in order to escape a very rough neighbourhood.

Basically all this is to say that, even with the evidence smack in our faces, alot of our people are still not aware of who our enemies are and the times that we are living in. Now I understand that Black neighbourhoods can often times be very difficult on and cruel to black people but to believe that moving out to a predominantly white area, that you will be safe and secure and that there will be this outpouring of love and acceptance in your direction, did I mention these people are talking about hanging us? It’s like jumping out of the frying pan and into a volcano. Especially taking into considerat√≠on the mentality of “there goes the neighbourhood” that is so pervasive amoungst these creatures — They do not want us around them and they do not want our children going to school with theirs, I mean, these people keep their hatred going and not just verbally but the scriptures warn us that they would have a perpetual hatred for us (Ezekiel 35:5). So when I hear stories like this playing out, I am not surprised at all because I know it’s basically prophecy fulfilling itself and in a sense I must admit that I feel somewhat sorry for Rodney’s dad because the man was basically doing what he thought was best for his family when he decided to move to a shite neighbourhood, and he just got his negro wake-up call. I must also commend Rodney for deciding to take a stand to protest the racism against him and his people and the vile reactions from these white students are only proving what we’ve been saying all along. And to top it all off, we have these narcissistic devils who want to attack us and make it seem that this is all in our heads and that we need to get over it and racism is all in the past and what have you. I cannot stress this enough, we are dealing with creatures who have a reprobate mind and spirit, we are dealing with the children of the devil himself and the scriptures tell us that there is no truth in them and they have not a love for the truth…

One more thing I’d like to say family is to be vigilant and be alert and with that I will say Shalom…


4 thoughts on “If This Doesn’t Wake Us Up Then I DON’T KNOW WHAT Will

  1. Yanni Stalworth

    Yes I have heard about this. As you said it’s not surprising, what I do find surprising is the fact that for all his pro-black sentiment doesn’t feel the same concerning his choice of girlfriend. Since the story broke I’ve been doing some digging and imagine my shock when I happened upon this


    Then again, you can’t lay down with the devil and not wake up with third degree burns

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  2. 25 Black and Alive

    LOL!!! This is starting to become funny to me. Not in a sense of real humor but come on Black people! What else needs to happen. I don’t know what it will take for our people to finally understand that these people are our enemies! With what’s on the horizon, I hope they don’t find out too late!



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