From This Moment

angry black man

This is a bit of  freeform poetry straight from the mind of NidotopianWarrior


Everything I say is wrong
Everything I do provokes suspicion
The biggest mistake I make is believing
the same actions will yeild a different result

From this moment I’m calling quits
I’m done with complaining, I’m done shouting
From this moment, no tears shall fall from my eyes
From this moment, my heart is made of steel
The time for talking is at an end

They are treacherous in their ways and have no loyalty
Their words have no truth and they do not
know the meaning of the word fraternity
They’ve showed us time and again that
there is no warmth to be found in their hearts
To expect any different is a fool’s errand

From this moment my eyes see only red and my desire is for blood
From this moment I put down the white flag and pick up a sword
From this moment, there is no more trust, that ship has sailed too far
From this moment I will not accept I’m sorry, nor any other word
From this moment I am declaring WAR!!!!!!!!!!!




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