They Haven’t Changed One Bit

Shalom Family. Take a look at this video.



14 thoughts on “They Haven’t Changed One Bit

    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      Lol yes indeed she is…. You know how these devils get when they reach a certain age. I wouldn’t be surprised if in her younger days she bore witness to many lynchings. Or if she herself caused a few black men to be lynched… Can’t put anything past those old demons

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      1. Reggie

        Yeah, that gonna be hard, there’s lots of them, and they tough. The whites ain’t that many, and we can just guilt trip them about racism and apartheid like we do here, and get them to leave. But Arabs ain’t trying to hear that. But hey, 75% of the continent is solidly ours anyway, when we strong enough we can push them out.


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