Thoughts Of An Angry Man

Oh my once cherished beauty of light
When I knew you, the world was pleasing to my sight
After you there are no more pleasant nights
Only the restlessness that interrupts my once peaceful hours of unbroken respite

Oppression and madness, oh ye messengers of death and darkness
Proclaiming your gospels of gloom as you ring Your bells of doom
You gazed at me with your unnatural blue eyes
Chanting your spells and charms to try and encase me in ice
But not I, I now stand as a lion and to me you are but mere mice
Never again will I fall for your feeble flattery and shallow lies

Oh heavens strengthen me with iron and wisdom
Comfort me with thoughts of fire and freedom
In these terrible nights I have no other lovers or companions
Just the anger that fuels me through this journey of Isolation


Written By: Nidotopian Warrior


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