Snoop Dogg Is Upset






Snoop Dogg UpsetShalom Family

Ok so Snoop Dogg is a little upset because of the new Roots series that just premiered on Memorial Day. Now the reason he’s so upset (as well he should be) is because basically this whole idea of having to relive slavery time and time again is basically getting to him and I’m sure many of us can agree with that. Just like I’m sure many of us can already deduce that this is the Powers That Be’s clever way of rubbing it in our faces that they have had us under subjection for so long and still do. Not only that, because we are living in turbulent times wherevracial tensions are at an all time high, this series is basically every racist and white supremacist’s wet dream. Which is why they feel bold to invade our blogs and channels and taunt us and talk shit and be all smug like “Get over it negro….” and what have you because they have a reprobate mind and they will never change.

While I understand many of us are worked up over the recreation of Roots there is actually a positive side to it – actually, two sides now that I think about it. Here goes

1. For those of us who are kind of out of the loop and are all lovey-dovey with members of the white race and think we are living in a post racial society, this series serves as a re-education. Yes a re-education, so we can become fully aware of what we’re dealing with today. What some of us need to realize is that the descendants of those slave masters still carry the hatred and disdain for us that their ancestors did in centuries past which more or less gives us a reference of sort to explain some of the actions playing out today. Though it many not be in the form of Chattel Slavery but it comes out in other ways. For instance, societal norms or things we have been taught to accept as normal, like the police violence high incerceration rates of black men and women etc… It has become so ingrained in us that many of us believe that this is the way things SHOULD be. I’ll give you an example more closer to home for me. Here in the Caribbean many of us worship white people like gods and in some territories like Barbados for, the white population is the minority but yet they act as though they are above the law rule the black majority with an iron fist. Even some of the tourists and guests at many of our resorts move with this air of superiority when dealing us.. But I digress. So to get back on point, alot of our young people are so naive to the point where many of them believe that alot of these things are just starting to happen and get so shell shocked when they see and hear news reports of innocent and unarmed black children, teens and adults getting shot down by racist cops or are made aware of attempted lynchings in 2016, beause they have been so cut off from true history. Many naively believe that telling the truth about our history is a bad thing and it’s one of the things that keep the pot of racism stirring. NO! This is a good thing, because our people need to know what took place in history and not necessarily somit won’t repeat itself but because our slavery and oppression was prophesied in the bible and it’s actually being fulfilled.

Looking at the Roots series from Snoop’s perpective, we are tired of seeing it and I agree with him. Our people have a rich history that transcends slavery and more positive images about our people need to be brought to the forefront but Hell would freeze over first before these demonic Whites let that happen. There is this witchcraft that they want to keep casting on ou people and on the whole world where they want us and others to only see the bad and never the good. They don’t want us seeing the real Huxtables or Winslows of the world, or the scholars or the inventors amoung our people. They want us be in a state of continual despair and self hate, waiting for some paternalistic white Saviour to rescue us from our miserable existance. They want to make it seem as if we are the only ones to blame for our situation and never want to address the truth as to the roadblocks that they continually put into place in order to keep us in a state of dependence upon them.

2. The second positive that I would like to touch on is that, for all the atrocities and injustices carried out against our people by the powers that be, there is a judgementnof epic proportions coming to them. This series basically should serve as a continual affirmation that there is such a thing called Karma and that she is indeed a BITCH. Many people in the dominant society believe that there is no God or for those that do, that he has forgotten and that it is all about love and forgiveness and happiness BULL SHIT!!!!!!!! The Most High said that he would judge these people for what they have done to the chikdren of Israel. As to whether or not you want to believe that black people are the real children of Israel, it is what it is, and there is no point of debating that any further at this point. In hindsight, The Most High is bringing these things to our knowledge and remembrance so that when he finally brings his judgemen that we do not find ourselves in a position of feeling sorry for those who have comtimually tortured and oppressed us. This stockholm syndrome that some of our people seem to have needs to stop. Why I say that, I’m sure many of you can recall that fiasco that happened in France not too long ago and you had a lot of black people in hysterics talking about “let’s pray for France” or altering their Facebook profile pictures into displaying a silhouette of the French flag when in actuality French people are extremely racist and can’t stand black people. Infact some of us need to do some research on the misery France has inflicted on Africa and Africans. Do some damn research on your history. One final thing Inwould like to add: Some of you may hate me for saying this but, Let the Roots series continue to play, some may watch it, some may not but that’s up to you. For those who will be watching it, I hope it is a serious wake-up call for you so that when Lady Karma decides to go all crazy, psycho bitch Voltron on the powers that be that we don’t find ourselves pitying and shedding tears for our oppressors.




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