The Curse of Generational Curses

Shalom Family,

Some months ago I introduced you all to the Whited Out Series, now I wish to introduce you all to another Whited Out. Now this is actually the fifth installment but it has been split into three parts and it’s called, The Curse of Generational Curses. Now I warn you, this will be a little difficult for some of you to watch, but I promise you, it’s very educational and informative and once you’re through it will give you a new perspective on life. Some of you may not receive this but that is entirely up to you. So without further ado, Here is The Curse of Generational Curses trilogy.





5 thoughts on “The Curse of Generational Curses

  1. Truthangel07

    The Bible speaks of generations curses. It’s very real. And this is what many people don’t over-stand when trying to solve problems in the Black community.



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