Tales of Hypocrisy

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Shalom family, I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the whole La’Porsha Renae situation. Now La’Porsha I believe placed second on the now ended singing show American Idol competition, which for the matter I don’t really watch. Anyway, this young woman expressed her opinion when asked what she thought about the LGBT community, (in which I thought America was a free country and you could speak your mind without fear of consequence). She did not say anything hateful or outlandish but the racist mainspin media is using that to bury her now.

Brothers and sisters, we are dealing with a system that is so wicked and so backward that if you believe or say something contrary to what appears “GOOD” in their sight, but you know it’s not, then you are judged and castigated as being the wicked one. Now I thought that Americans were entitled to their opinions? After all the constitution did say you have the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Or did not not apply to certain people? But anyway I digress. Now the bible tells us what’s wicked and what’s not but in America, this country that claims to be a christian nation founded upon the principles of christianity, if you don’t agree with two women locking lips or two men locking lips, you’re the evil one. And yet the same bible they swear upon in court condemns this.

Now there’s going to come a day and a time, which I feel I very fast approaching, that if you don’t agree with some big hairy man being in a sexual relationship with a 9 or 10 year old child then you will be seen as the wicked one, it’s like they get worse and worse with each generation. But the bible did prophesy that evil men would wac worse and worse with their wickedness and as you see in this situation, they set the stage for this.

Knowing how this demonic white supremacist society if ours operates I can bet my top dollar that La’Porsha didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to start bashing gay people in an interview or whatnot. I’m sure it was an carefully and cleverly planned set up in which they posed this question to her knowing it had no relevance to the topic being discussed, all in an effort to sink her before she even git going. I even scanned through some of the comments on the Huffington Post where people were practically crucifying her making remarks like “She’s finished, her career is over, she won’t amount to anything” all these negative comments about her career because she made a personal comment about how she feels about a particular issue namely the LGBT community. But let’s think for a moment. Are we really surprised? The music industry and Hollywood are run by homosexuals anyway do of course it would make sense for people to get their g-strings in a knot. And what’s worse, she’s a NATURAL BLACK WOMAN. Double Knock-Out.

I can’t say it enough, we are dealing with a system run by INhuman people (yes you read that right) who are desperately wicked. It’s like Ancient Greece and Rome all over again. There is nothing new under the sun people. History just repeats itself on a loop.

And just so we’re clear that we are discussing hypocrisy here, the LGBT community likes to portray themselves as being victimized and oppressed even going as far as to use such a disrespectful slogan like GAY IS THE NEW BLACK, but yet they have so much power and sway over society and yet the very people who have been and still are being victimized to this very day are expected to just be quiet. Just get over it Nigger!! That’s what we are told constantly and that I why America has nothing short of a karmic and cosmic ass-kicking coming its way.

Woe to them that call good evil and evil good. And with that I say Shalom…


22 thoughts on “Tales of Hypocrisy

  1. Verbs2015

    I remember seeing this on Facebook yesterday. The homosexual brigade are some of the most intolerant scoundrels on the planet even though they claim that other folks who do not subscribe to their lifestyle of sodomy are. Folks who do not support homosexuality are going to be labelled negatively by the homosexual community by default, you will notice that feminists and simps do exactly the same thing.

    Feminism and homosexuality are two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin, both religions seek to remove the genders from their natural roles/functions. This is one of the main reasons why I am so hard on black women as a whole, because they religiously befriend homosexuals and thus they as the leaders of the black community have allowed homosexuality to run rampant within black society and corrupt it.

    Most folks want to fit into society which is why many people are afraid of being negatively labelled and stigmatised, however there is a time coming where people will no longer be able to straddle the fence. I have to commend this woman for taking a stand in this season against the vile and evil homosexual lifestyle. Women like her and Ayesha Curry are anathema to evil works and sub par low brow standards and this is why both of these women are hated so much.

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      1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

        not very good at present, the Jewelry company that I was working for recently terminated me due to downsizing and other structural changes, so now I am home listening to my mother’s lectures all day, but all the same I am holding strong


      2. Verbs2015

        Man, that sucks yet at the same time it clearly shows us that we need to build things for ourselves as a people so that we are not constantly relying upon others.

        Downsizing and redundancy are the stories around the world at the moment, everybody is being lashed by those whips. It’s not your fault that you were let go, surely your mother can understand that?


      3. nidotopianwarrior Post author

        honestly, I don’t understand how her mind works sometimes, now she is cussing me for having a business degree and now businesses are collapsing, when back when I was in college getting a degree in business and banking was the thing to do. Originally I started out with Graphic designing and she was cussing me then about why I didn’t choose Business and now I have a degree in Business, she’s cussing me out and saying stuff like “You just wanted the easy way out” and bla bla bla it’s like damned if you do damned if you don’t


      4. Verbs2015

        Black women on the whole are never satisfied. You cannot win with the majority of them. Most black mothers are like this, “you could have always done something else” or “why didn’t you do what so and so did”? They still believe that we are in smooth sailing times, they typically don’t understand anything about economies and the current dire state of employment worldwide.


      5. Verbs2015

        Don’t be pressured into doing anything that is of no interest to you despite your mother’s nagging because you will simply drop it down the line soon after.
        Teaching is so not the one in 2016, it was a good job when children behaved themselves back in the day, today’s teaching environment however is very different and very hostile.


  2. Truthangel07

    Well, Jennifer Hudson didn’t win AI but she won an Oscar anyway. As relates to the LGBT community, do many BP know that it’s attached to the White Supremacist system. If a person is gay why do they need to be endorsed. That’s like asking every white contestant how they feel about Malcolm X. Really? Come on. It was a set up.

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  3. kelley

    I didn’t know about this! I watched the last two episodes [with my mom! She’s a fan!] and L is an amazing singer with a powerful stage presence. And Idol, FOX, Hollywood – it’s all beneath her. And I heard she already has [or had now?] a record deal, the same as the winner. So maybe she’ll stay more underground if the evils haven’t gotten her already. She has a small baby so I hope she’s smart + strong enough not to fall for the nonsense.

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  4. 25 Black and Alive

    I didn’t know about this story until reading your post. While reading I was thinking about why they even asked her about the gay community in the first place. Then upon reading further I seen you had already come up with the same conclusion. This wicked system is bound to fall with all of the perversion going on. It happens to every high society. We need to detach from this foul society and its perverted mentality or we will fall with it.

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