Random Thoughts

Shalom family, now I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but I just thought that I would share some observations with you all. Now many of you probably don’t know that I have a new job, I am no longer at the Sandals resort but I now work for a multinational Jewellery corporation and basically, for me it’s sort of like a different script same cast scenario. Just bare with me…lol I know majority of you are familiar with the old Whitney/Deborah Cox song Same Script different cast. Well in my situation and I’m sure many of you can relate, it’s the reverse “Different Script Same Cast”. Why I said they because where my job is situated, the overwhelming majority of our customers are, you guessed it, White people, most of whom come off of the cruise ships. Now it’s not the same thing as when I had to wait on them hand and foot like in the resort, it’s mostly, they come, they look, they try on, they ask the price, if they have the money, they buy and 9 times out of ten we never see them again. For those of you who work in sales you know how it is. So anyway, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Some days ago I had a rather awkward encounter with two white female customers. Where my job is located we see alot of stray dogs roaming about outside and more often than not we see these tourists bending down to pet and cuddle these dogs. They don’t even know (or care) where these mutts have been, if they have fleas or diseases and in some instances tourists have taken these stray dogs off the streets and back onto the cruise ships and back to their country of origin. But that’s a whole other story. So back to these two female customers, they were mother and daughter and a colleague of mine and my manager was tending to them because they were buying rings, so in the height of that, this big, grown-ass, smelly, probably flea bitten stray dog comes out of nowhere and lays down right on the threshold of the entrance. How our store is set up, once you come over the threshold you have to step down. But I digress. Anyway, these white kids suddenly came out of nowhere and started petting the dog and playing with its face and everything and then they left. So then I went to shoo the dog away from the doorway and these two white women literally had a meltdown, they were like

“It’s just a puppy”

“Don’t be mean to the dog!!”

“She’s a mommy too”

So basically, how these women were acting, screeching in their annoying high pitched voices, you would swear that the dog was theirs. And then the mother started a tirade toward my manager about how I was a very mean man and how she wouldn’t buy a ring from me. And what was even strange, she was referring to this grown, MALE dog as a SHE. So then I had to end up explaining to her that this was a place of business and that animals were not allowed, and furthermore it was blocking the entrance where people had to traverse in and out. The heffa then goes off on me again and continues to call me from one mean man to the next and insisting that the grown dog was just a puppy. So I told her she can take the dog back with her when she’s leaving.

About 20 minutes later another co-worker of mine just returning from lunch tried to shoo the dog away and the white woman went off on her and was like

“Don’t Hurt The Dog!!” So my coworker was thrown for a loop. And the white woman, this time with tears in her eyes turns back to my manager and starts denouncing my coworker as being mean.

So now after they left the store my manager gave us a (I wouldn’t really call it a lecture, but you know what I mean) about being careful how we do things infront of customers. So in my quiet moment, I cannot help but think about alot of things. One of the things that came to mind was Cecil the Lion. If any of you remember, last summer a big game hunter by the name of Walter Palmer, a white man who operates a dental practice in Minneapolis Minnesota gained international notoriety after killing a lion in the Southern African nation of Zimbabwe. Of course Walter was never convicted of any wrong doing yet White people in the west, particularly America, kicked up a big stink about when and you know what’s funny? Cecil the Lion was not the first and certainly will not be the last lion that was killed by a poacher. And if any of you do your research you would know that the majority of poachers who go o to places like Africa and Asia and even right in North America to kill off these majestic animals either for sport or financial gain are white or better yet European. Many species of animals that went extinct like the Dodo bird, the West African black rhinoceros, the Tasmanian tiger etc. just to name a few and who was responsible, mostly white people. What about many animals in the wild today that are endangered? Who is the cause of it? So called white people. Yet who are the biggest champions of animal rights in todays world and yet the biggest violators of it? So called white people yet again. Now I presented these two scenarios to illustrate the hypocrisy of white people.

There is a saying here in the Caribbean particularly here in Antigua, “Dog Better Than You”. It’s a euphemism usually used when someone is either in trouble or fallen on hard times. But many of you in North America can attest to the reality and validity of this statement regardless of your socio-economic status. Another thought I’d like to put forward. I couldn’t help but think about the whole Chris Lollie situation from 2 years a go. For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, Chris Lollie was a black man who while sitting in a public place waiting to pick his kids up from school was harassed and subsequently arrested by white cops for basically bullshit.. Where was the outrage then from white people? They would pull their hair out and scream like monkeys over a stray dog or a carnivorous big cat halfway around the world but for simple human rights violations in their own backyard, they are silent as doves.

In this increasingly perilous world of ours it seems many of us are falling deeper and deeper into La la land and don’t really realize that we are surrounded by reprobate minded degenerates at every angle.




It’s time to wake up out of our slumber and smell the coffee and with that I will say Shalom.



9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Truthangel07

    Well, I wrote about the strange obsession white people have with dogs. And we also know that many white women–and men, have sex with dogs. This behavior is strange. And only a psychiatrist could answer it.

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    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      sweet heart NO psychiatrist can answer that question. I don’t know how someone could be sexually attracted to a beast… And not only that they promote a lot of bestiality in a lot of these werew0lf/vampire films and tv shows, like Twilight and so on. Also, I remember some years ago there was an entire forum created by white fan-girls about Simba from the lion king, basically these girls were lusting after a fictional lion, calling him “Smexy” lol don’t ask what it means cause I don’t know lol

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  2. kelley

    I just saw a commercial the other day of a white woman doing yoga at home and her dog kept getting in her face and licking her and she was giggling! It was for some doggie breath sticks “so you can get closer.” I mean that is what the brand quoted! That is some sick shit! Don’t they say that in mint commercials so two humans can experience a more enjoyable kiss??!
    And shouldn’t they all be vegans if they love animals so much? They are truly the oddest, most hypocritical and vile people on Earth. All the evil in the world can be traced back to them.

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