Prank Gone Wild, Literally!!!!


First of all, a pleasant Shalom to each and everyone of you, in and around the black blogosphere, this is your comerade Nidotopianwarrior doing my first post for the new year.

Now to get the ball rolling, I bet you all are wondering who the man is in the photo above. Well ladies and gentlemen, that is 24 year old Joshua James from Royal Palm Beach Florida. A few days ago I came across this disturbing ass story and apparently this young man thought it was funny to throw a 3 1/2 foot alligator through the drive-through window of a Wendy’s joint. Go ahead and check out the news clip below.



Alright, first of all, I’m gonna need both of his parents especially his white-trash mama to have a stadium full of seats cause this shit ain’t funny ok. Now any good parent would want to stick up for their child but that bitch needs a fucking reality check, ok?! “How can someone not think that it was a prank” she said.. Bitch are you fucking kidding me? You need to pick up a damn zoo book or watch National Geographic cause an Alligator is an extremely dangerous reptile and at 3 1/2 feet it could tear someone’s arm off or worse, kill someone. Furthermore, the way she keeps refferring to this grown ass man as if he was a juvenile or 15 years old is just ri-DAMN-diculous. What kind of child has a full face beard? I ask you? Don’t answer that… Another thing, alot of people have to work fast food jobs just to make ends meet and some of you are all too familiar with the crap they have to go through on a regular basis, from customers cussing them out, to being berated by a superior and the whole nine fucking yards. But one thing they shouldn’t have to put up with is a fucking psycho throwing deadly animals at them through a drive through window. I swear only white folks…

If this was a black, asian or latino person they would’ve thrown the book at them and they would have been doing some serious jail time. And another sickening fact is that this fool got relesed a day later and this is what he had to say..



I leave the rest to you my rabid readers, let me read your thoughts….

Fire away…


11 thoughts on “Prank Gone Wild, Literally!!!!

  1. Truthangel07

    It’s the same thing as the boy who killed 4 people, while driving drunk, and got 10 years probation. You can only imagine what would have happened if he were Black or Hispanic. White privilege at its finest.



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