Throwback Sunday: Soca Madness

Top of the day to each and everyone of you in and around the black blogosphere, this is your comerade NidotopianWarrior saying a pleasant shalom and I hope each and everyone of you have had a better week than I did. Today I bring you another segment of Throwback Sunday where it’s once again all about Caribbean spice and flavour. Ya Man!!!! Today I have a special treat for you. It’s all about Soca Madness today, that’s right. I’ll give you a mix and mash-up of various Soca artists past and present. I know the winter season is upon and it’s getting cold for many you so a little Soca fire ought to warm you right on up. Ya Man!! So without Further Adieu, Let’s get this show on the road.

First up, is a legend whom I grew up listening to in my young years, her name is Allison Hinds, she’s a UK born artist based in Barbados, many of you in the West Indian Diaspora I’m sure know her very well
Coming up after that is Antigua and Barbuda’s very own rich daughters of Soca, Claudette “C.P” Peters and Tizzy
Following that it’s all about Destra Garcia coming out of Trinidad and Fayann Lyons

Ya Man, it’s a day of fun, fire and excitement , so get your dancing shoes on and let’s get funky….















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