Talk About Your Gallows Humour

There is a saying in my home country that we should fear the living not the dead, well his video couldn’t validate that statement enough. Take a look and laugh lol


10 thoughts on “Talk About Your Gallows Humour

    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      oh yeah, this past Monday, an entire motley retinue of them came down here for a wedding. Disrespectful and rambunctious bunch of degenerates. Their behaviour was so bad, the Hotel Manager had to threaten to kick them out of the resort if they didn’t behave. They were hurling all sorts of profanities at the man during their conversations. So anyway, they all held a bachelor party the night before the wedding and one of them got so drunk, he lost his balance and literally busted his face in the mirror in the rest room, a doctor had to come down to the resort to give him stitches. I personally don’t feel sorry for him… Another thing I neglected to mention is, this is a 10 week training program, No Pay but a whole lot of stress. This is the 6th week we’re going into and I feel worn out, and drained of any motivation. People in my own department are even talking bad about me behind my back because I don’t kiss up to the guests as much as they do. I’m starting to feel this whole thing was a mistake.

      During the first week of the training program, I was shown that the primary duty of an entertainment staff was to be an MC, basically we have to talk on the mic, to advertise events, make announcements and that sort of thing, basically entertain the guests around the pool. So one of the staff members encouraged me to give it a try. So being that it was my first time doing anything of that nature, I sounded very stiff and shaky. The staff member who was overseeing me at the time, said “you didn’t do bad, but next time, loosen up, relax and put your own personality into it.” So she encouraged me to try again and make an announcement for another event, now the general manager, an East Indian man (he’s above the hotel manager) was walking around and heard me and then complained to my supervisor saying “I don’t want any interns talking on the mic” so my supervisor stopped me from doing it again. Mind you, all of the entertainment staff members have to do this. So six weeks going into this program, I do not know how to MC, how to announce and for night events when we have bands, game shows and parties I don’t know how to host any of those events. Now aside from me and a female trainee, we have two young men cross training from other departments. One guy is a steward and a part time model whilst the other who is a bartender is also a DJ, so they are already bringing gifts and talents to the table that our supervisor can use and my fellow trainee is beloved by my supervisor and she has an astonishing voice, she’s an aspiring Soca artiste and there I am, overshadowed, and on the outside looking in……


      1. Verbs2015

        Finally I have some time on my hands to respond. Yep, these types of folks are uncouth and have no decorum when it comes down to conducting themselves in a respectable manner.

        They will call us animals and savages all day yet conveniently forget about the behaviour they put on display for the world to see on the daily.

        Working in a resort such as Sandals I can imagine is not pleasant at all, especially when you are dealing with reprobate savages who believe that they have the right to treat you like complete and utter trash just because they have paid for an all inclusive holiday.

        You don’t need to tell me about East Indians, I live amongst them here in London, they are not a very friendly lot when it comes down to dealing with black folks, in fact it is them along side the Pakistanis who are taking the most advantage of the black woman’s rampant addiction to weave.

        In the US it is the Koreans. Training you without paying you? It sounds like you are on a Sandals plantation field. However this is typically how East Indian men operate. They are ruthless skinflints when it comes down to money.

        I hope you can find something better, I would not like to work in a place like that, it would seriously disturb my spirit, especially cleaning up after their sexual “escapades”.


      2. nidotopianwarrior Post author

        My spirit is being disturbed on a daily basis, I am at the point where I don’t even want to get out of bed in the mornings, to go to a job where I am pessimistic about any future I may have in it. A place where the rules are so restrictive and the simplest things can get you fired, a place where you have to walk on eggshells and broken glass, a place where your department manager is unprofessional, ghetto and always playing favourites with her staff. But if I quit, then I risk the wrath of my mother and her curse-outs and threats that I am powerless to defend against……. I don’t know what to do at this point. I just hope something else comes through


      3. Verbs2015

        That’s your best option at this point, look for something else in the meantime. I have to take my hat off to you as I would have gotten fired from that place a long time ago.

        This is the problem with management today, they are always on the backs of employees and they never leave you alone to allow you to simply get on with the work by yourself uninterrupted.

        Then on top of this you have to deal with stroppy holiday makers who believe that they have the right to disrespect you because you are serving them. All the more reason to work on your novel and get it out there, thus you can begin to work for yourself and thereafter give employers the middle finger.


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