Throwback Sunday: Charmaine Blackman Vibez Yeh Budday!!!!!!!

Aright suh today ah decide look leh me represent meh home contree fuh wance. Ah tell some ah y’all dat I is Guyanese but ah live in Antigua, well meh deh hay fuh 13 years, aright? an’, suh aften ah does don big up meh home contree suh today, ah seh look, leh meh share some Guyanese Vibez wid y’all. Today ah gat sumting speshall, Ah go inchajuce Charmaine Blackman, shays a renown Guyanese Diva an’ sheh been singing fuh, well since ah kno’ mehself, since I’z a lil bai, I hear bout she an sheh gah some nice sangs, sum uh dem guh lil hard fuh andastan caz is Guyanese patois she singin in. Suh Ladies an Gentlemen, Ah inchajuce to y’all Ms Charmaine Blackman….

Didn’t understand that did you? it’s alright, What you just read or Guyanese patois or dialect. It is an informal language spoken by the regular Guyanese public and is not taught in school. But seeing as you may have had some difficulty understanding what I wrote above, let me translate for you:

Alright so today I decided, look let me represent my home country for once. I told some of you that I am Guyanese but I live in Antigua, well I’ve been here for 13 years, alright? And so often I don’t big up (big up is caribbean dialect which have a myriad of meanings, it could mean congratulations, to represent or give props to as some of you in North America would say, just a little example) my home country so today I said, look let me share some Guyanese vibes with you all. Today I got something special, I’m going to introduce, Charmaine Blackman. She is a renown Guyanese Diva and she was singing for well, since I know myself. Since I was a little boy I’ve been heard about her and she has some nice songs. Some of them will be a little hard to understand because she is singing in Guyanese patois. So Ladies and Gentle men I introduce to you, Ms Charmaine Blackman…….


6 thoughts on “Throwback Sunday: Charmaine Blackman Vibez Yeh Budday!!!!!!!

  1. Trojan Pam

    Really enjoyed the music! Thanks for turning me onto her. And I understood her message loud a clear — “so many ways a woman can hurt you but she choose to love you! 🙂



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