Slave All Niggers Daily At Low Salary!!!!!!

I just want to say a pleasant Shalom and good day to each and everyone of you in and around the black blogosphere. Now some of you may have noticed I have not been as active these past few weeks. Reason being, I have just started a new job at a five star resort known as Sandals. I am sure for those of you who still watch television, you may have seen the commercials for it many times. It is often advertised as the world’s leading vacation destination, headquartered in the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. Some of you may have even vacationed in one of its branches. Now just a brief history: Sandals was founded in 1981 by Gordon “Butch” Stewart, a Jamaican born white man in Montego Bay. Today this man has established and owns properties throughout the caribbean in placed like Jamaica, The Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Antigua, Turks & Caicos, and most recently Barbados, and Grenada with fifteen Sandals Resorts, three Beaches Resorts, two Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts, one Fowl Cay private island resort and four villa properties in Jamaica. Also his son Adam Stewart currently sits as chairman and CEO of the company.

butch stewart

Gordon “Butch” Stewart

adam stewart

Adam Stewart
You guys can do your own extensive research as the details at far too numerous to expound upon.

Now I am currently an entertainment trainee at Sandals Antigua and lemme tell you I have seen and heard alot in the three weeks that I have been at this resort. Now the overwhelming majority of the patrons of Sandals, you guessed it, are white. So as part of my job in entertainment is to help organize games, activities and events for the guests as well as socialize with them. Since I am up in these people’s faces practically five days a week, I get to see them in all their inglorious glory (which may I add I hate). One of the things I have come to notice is, they do not look that good up close and personal. Makeup and the media accentuates their image. These heffas and douches go through numerous cans of sunblock sprays and tubes of sun block cream per day and the thing is, it barely does them any favours. You see while the magnificent sun enhances mine and my co-workers melanin, it makes them sickly looking. Red skin due to bad sunburn which in turn leads to skin peeling which in turn leaves botches and bruises. Hell I am currently working alongside two interns from Europe, one girl from the UK who is of Polish parentage (Looks like the daughter of Dracula) and a young man from the Netherlands, who looks like Casper the damn ghost. So anyway, both said crackas hate being in the sun. Yesterday the Polish girl complained profusely that the sun made her sick, her head was killing her to the point she could feel blood coming up her throat and out her nose and Afro-centric in me can’t help but smile at her misfortune. So taking all these things into consideration, I have to keep asking myself: “How the fuck are these people, (sorry, things) superior to us again?” Yeah, They are not!!!!

So now I am going to drop a bombshell. A few weeks ago one of the white guests in his drunken state made a co-worker and I to know that the name Sandals is actually an acronym which actually stands for “Slave All Niggers Daily At Low Salary” and this cracka actually wrote it down on a piece of paper. It makes sense actually, given that we slave away all day to make them comfortable. They get to enjoy the best foods while we the staff eat crap, they get to enjoy all the leisure and luxury of fine wine, butler services, house keeping, candle light dinners and chocolate cocktails while we go home tired, irritable and worn-out. Of course mommy dearest rightfully yet so misguidedly reminds me, these crackas feed us, if they don’t come, we don’t eat, and given that many of our Caribbean islands do not have mineral resources to sustain ourselves with, tourism is the only fuel our economies run on and it makes me mad as hell. This is a literal plantation system going on here, of course many of my co-workers buy into the guests bright smiles and seeming friendly personalities and actually think these people are their friends when in actuality, they don’t give a flying FUCK about us. Once their vacation time is over and they return to their own realities, we become the old saying “Out of sight, out of mind”. Another thing, I have never seen a set of people who like to guzzle alcohol so much, I mean, high daytime these crackas be drunk like fishes and then you hear all the profanities and expletives come out. For example a few weeks ago, we had beach party and a guest dropped his glass and it broke and another guest stepped on it and was tracking blood all over the damn resort. Another one got so drunk she ended up wandering the entire resort, so her brother had the whole staff combing the property looking for her and when they found her, she was passed out outside a restaurant. Also, this past Monday, one lady got so drunk, she tripped over one of the bartenders trolleys and broke her elbow while walking backwards.

Also they are some of the most shameless people you’d ever come across. Sometimes the staff would be walking on the pathways and you could hear these white bitches at the top of their lungs making sexual noises and some of the rooms have outdoor pools next to them and many a time, a staff would walk by and catch these crackas having sex right on the pool deck. I kid you not. And guess who have to clean up after that? Our ever devoted house keeping staff. And don’t get me started on the general manager, piggish, bitchy and mean.

Another point I would like to elaborate upon: These guests are extremely devious. Recently, Sandals implemented a no tipping policy, wherein that all tips must bd turned into the front desk however only butlers are exempt from this rule seeing as they do everything for the guests. So anyways, alot of these guests know there is a know tipping policy and would purposely go out of their way to tip a waiter/waitress of anyone (who is not a butler) who is serving them and then complain about it afterwards and the staff who accepted the tip would be investigated and worst fired.

I could go on and on and so on and so on. But this is just a little summary about my experience so far. But as one co-worker told me, when you work at a hotel you leave ten times smarter than you came in. So until my next update, stay blessed.



20 thoughts on “Slave All Niggers Daily At Low Salary!!!!!!

  1. Trojan Pam

    It annoys me to no end to see those TV commercials for Caribbean vacations showing white people being waited on hand and foot by non-whites and knowing that most of that money never makes it into our pockets and that the same whites who go there on vacation actually despise the people who come from there.

    Whites go all over the world and claim land and resources that do not belong to them while at the same time make sure that we can’t open a resort or hotel even in our own nations!

    The ONLY cure I see for this “disease” is non-white people will have to CHANGE. They can’t do ANY of this without our cooperation–that’s the bottom line. They can’t run this world without our help and assistance and cooperation. And until the day comes when we are ALL willing to make a sacrifice, this servitude will continue.

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  2. Kushite Prince

    I don’t doubt that acronym for a minute. I believe it! That’s just how these sick racist bastards think! I don’t know how you deal with being around these creatures. Pam is right though. They really do hate the very people who serve them. This is nothing but slavery refinement. They do this in Africa,Brazil etc. Exploitation is what they do best. Thank you for this very revealing post.

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    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      always a pleasure KP…… As to how I deal with being around these creatures, well, I’m on crack cocaine… lol just kidding. Although, one of the credos that Sandals has is that Service always comes with a smile!!!!, you learn to wear a mask everyday, the customer is always right after all….

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      1. nidotopianwarrior Post author


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      2. angel9loveu

        It’s not just in service. White people claim they get scared when a black person isn’t smiling at them overall. Even though you could be smiling the biggest, fakes smile and they’ll find another problem.


  3. Verbs2015

    Oh, I’ve been spreading the word about this skulduggery from this morning. This is yet another illustration that should nail into the minds of black folks the importance of owning our own businesses and doing our own things.

    I was sick to the stomach when I read this post however at the same time what did the Negro expect? These white folks are a completely different breed, they hate the sun and the heat and are trying their best to block out sunlight via their chemtrailing programmes. They most certainly have made the skies darker here in the UK. You will typically find yourself putting on the central heating during the summer months, its been like this for at least the last 15 years.

    I see the drucken antics of white folks all the time here in London, white men drinking excessively and getting into fights, white women and young white girls vomiting all over the show, falling anywhere and everywhere and revealing what colour underwear they are wearing(if any at all) as well as also trying to fight everything that moves.

    Although I have not been to a Sandals resort I have been to a few all inclusive hotels around the world and it is typically white folks who will act like a bunch of delinquents. They will declare any and every space as fit for them to use for their sexual exploits, they have no decorum nor appropriation when it comes down to sex, in fact there is an industry where single white women frequently travel to the Caribbean and pay young black men who work in hotels or on the beach to have sex with them.

    That kind of environment is so foul yet this form of decadence is what most white folks revel in and sadly most of our people have also decided to travel in that direction. Those blacks who are serious about building something of worth ought to be using this information as a catalyst to fire up their determination. The time for talk is over, its time for genuine black men to step it down and start making white folks feel uncomfortable through organisation and constructing works of value and longevity.

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    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      my my, where have you been my friend? off on a book signing tour I presume? lol

      yes it’s very sick and twisted down here…… Anyways, I don’t know how I forgot to mention this. A few years ago, we had these white folks, who would go from hotel to hotel, they were not even guests at these hotels, they would come in by way of the beach, give some bogus room numbers and fake names and dine at all the restaurants at the resort and then complain about the service afterwards, just so they wouldn’t have to pay for the service…

      ” in fact there is an industry where single white women frequently travel to the Caribbean and pay young black men who work in hotels or on the beach to have sex with them.”

      Oh I know about this, my grandmother’s friend’s son, used to work in water sports at one of the other resorts, and he was very much involved in this rigmarole, well today he’s dead, because he contracted AIDS from one of the white women who used to pay him for sex…… Even at Sandals, in years past and even now, they have young women (and some men) who get swept off their feet and into tawdry sexual relations with guests…. Man you haven’t even begun to fathom the depths of these people’s depravity


      1. Verbs2015

        Lol, no book signing yet but the Negro Wars books is beginning to cause quite a stir on Facebook. Got my first bad review on Amazon aswell, lol, though the black woman who left it couldn’t refute any of the information presented in the book, none of them can.

        White folks can be quite a dodgy group of individuals and they will use the “white is always right” weight behind them to push forward their skulduggery to the maximum degree. Their brazeness can be quite a sight to behold.

        I can just imagine the dark side antics that take place in resorts such as Sandals. To be honest all you require is an all inclusive joint and this is enough to bring out all manner of decadent and degenerate behaviour.


  4. Truthangel07

    Nido, I have to deal with rude, racist, white people all day long myself.

    I really was touched by this commentary.

    As you know, I live in Georgia (the heart of the Confederacy state) and these craKKKas love to drink and when they do; all that southern hospitality becomes a case of insobriety. There are so many alcoholics in the town I live in; there are 3 AA places. The town has a population under 30,000 mind you.

    This is truly a real reflection of the Caucasoid–no matter where he dwells.

    However, they are dying as a race. And one day, someone will ask: “What happened to all the white people?”

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    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      hear how dem crackas ya so racist, now as part of our responsibilities as play makers, we have to advertise evening events to guests face to face so my coworker went to approach this lady and this old hag tensed up and started walking fast. So now I am asking, why the fuck are some of these people paying literally thousands of dollars to come to a predominantly black country and they behave like that toward us.

      Here’s another example of how sickening these people can be, this morning I had to show two guests to the restrooms and when I pushed the door to go into the male rest room, what should I find but a mess of vomit on the floor, so the man had to end up going into the female restroom while his wife stood guard outside the door. And especially when their perspiration is high and they don’t bathe, they smell stink, like rotten eggs……especially when some of them just come from the gym

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  5. TheOriginalBlackWoman13

    Great post! Ahh, the nature of the Caucasoid. I believe it was Brother Malcolm who said, “white folks by their very nature are sick and depraved.” It’s way past time that many of us begin to understand this. Again, thanks for sharing your experiences with these savages.

    P.S. I’m not surprised at what Sandals stand for. I wonder if that crackkka would have told you that if he was not drunk?Who am I kidding, Probably not, lol. People get brave when they drunk.


      1. angel9loveu

        I’m new posting and had to checkout your blog but I can tell you I have every idea the monsters they are drunk or not.I worked in their military and trust me these bastards couldn’t wait to get out of work to hit up the pubs.They’re savages when it comes to alcohol, I guess that’s why alcohol is also called a spirit.Everything was about going either home to drink or out to the bar to drink. Not to mention the weekends, they ‘re their such regulars at the pubs they give special discounts to the military members and so called happy hour is dedicated to them. I worked with them and they’re awful and disgusting to work with and have seen them drink and they’re worse.They never turn down a drinking invite and if you do they hate you. But when drunk or not they’ll tell you how they really feel so I used to avoid going to their homes,pubs,bars, clubs anywhere cause they’re exactly as you described when drunk above.And falling all over themselves.Throwing up, underwear exposed, kissing the same sex, dancing on tables, bar fights, DUIs, sleeping with random people and being even more obnoxious.Just a mess.And tell me who wants to see all that. I come from the islands and there’s no real drinking age but I’ve never seen anyone acting the way they act until I arrived here or have I fancied drinking that much.But one of the biggest reasons I don’t go when they keep inviting me is if one of them calls me out of my name I know how that’ll go and I’d have to eat a whole year of humble pie to calm down.
        So I don’t go where you can smell trouble a mile away plus they’re so predictable I know they’re gonna say something and claim they don’t remember or it was the alcohol.And I don’t buy that crap.I’m no longer in that slave system but reading your post brought up memories of having to deal with them and bite my tongue until it bled.Cause no matter what I knew things work in their favor in that slave system. And it’s no coincidence that they all have very similar behavior.It’s as if they’re many that act as one.Those at the resort sound like the ones I’ve been around. They’re a bunch of demons.
        And I’ve been to Iberostar and stayed away from them but they found away to bring their toxic personalities on a relaxing,detoxing, vacation.I was relaxing on the beach and smelled a strong pungent cigarette scent only to see them smoking on the beach when there’s a smoke room elsewhere in the hotel far from the beach. Then getting drunk and acting belligerent which just messed up my vacation cause you think they could do this in the U.S. and they come to a place where others are trying to get the relaxing benefits from the stress free environment to be devils.Also I never get why they keep laying out in the sun they look like cooked lobsters when they get out.It’s funny when they look in so much pain and red and shedding like snakes.While I feel strengthened by the sun.In Florida the climate got really bad and rained everyday like they’re trying to take the sunny out of Florida the sunshine state.I could tell something’s happening in the environment as if there trying to play god. I wonder why they live in some place that’s not really good for them.Anyway, that’s my rant but I feel your pain.They’re in no means more intelligent than us they’re imposters.The bible said as part of our curse we shall be given into the hands of fools.


    1. Amanda

      I feel, after reading this article and responsive posts that I made a bad decision to vacation at Sandals next month. I have avoided these types of resorts for 40 years. I usually travel independently at local spots abroad, to see new things and meet new people. I like to learn about other lifestyles and cultures, so I pick the weeds and leave the flowers in my own style of living and outlook of ideas. My health has gone south, so I thought “all-inclusive” would be easier on me, mentally and physically. Now it feels more…wrong. By the way, there is a resort in Hot Springs,VA that feels to have the same tone you describe at Sandals; I felt it immediately at the first visit. Thank you for illuminating the atmosphere of the place.



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