Even I could not make this up

Shalom Family…..

Shalom Family. Now I want all of you take a look at this disturbing but oh so funny ass story about this Wyandotte teen who faked a triplet pregnancy by means of a website called Fake A Baby.com.

Now I am not going to go in to a mammoth commentary, I will leave that to you my rabid readers. But I’ll say this nonetheless, if this was a black girl, best believe, her name, photo, birthday, school, her favourite ice-cream, hell everything you wanted to know about her would be blasted all across the media in full High Definition Quality. Ya Hurrrd!!!!!!!!!

So go ahead and leave your comments and let’s get the discussion popping. Ok kids, fire away….Deuces


20 thoughts on “Even I could not make this up

    1. ShelbyCourtland

      Prince, I am having quadruplets and you’re the father! We’re going to need pampers, formula, baby clothes, 4 cribs and a bigger house! Now Chop! Chop! LMAO!!

      Nidtopianwarrior, this is hugely funny! There ain’t no way in hell that I would NOT know if my daughter is actually pregnant. I mean WTF?! You are SO right, you just can’t make this stuff up!! LOL! SMH

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  1. ShelbyCourtland

    Why blur their faces? They don’t blur ours when we’re up to some criminal shit. There were perpetrating a fraud and probably other criminal acts and the public has a right to see the faces of these criminals.


      1. onnovocks

        I think it’s part of the system, while claiming “innocent until proven guilty”, they destroy someone’s reputation in the media and on line to diminish one’s chances of getting a fair trial. Only the Courts can officially label some one as a criminal, but the media and websites do exactly that with mug shots long before a judge has a say in it. Even if you win your trial, or are never even prosecuted, it will take years to repair the damage if possible at all. Funny that they publish more than 17,000,000 mug shots, but not the disposition of the case, that requires research!!
        The question here is why they would blur one face and not the other, in this case they can use age as an excuse, they are minors.

        It comes as no surprise to me that this filthy scam exists, we live in a world that has long been ruled through exaction, extortion, blackmail and brute force. Good post and interesting discussion. Greetings.

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  2. Verbs2015

    This is the typical feminist mainstream media in action, I have to say that I have seen stories involving black girls and black women where their identities have also been hidden.

    Had this been an under age boy or a young man, they would have had no problems plastering his image all over the shop. This is why I do not pay attention to the mainstream media, they seem unable to report anything straight down the line, they are constantly slanting stories to mould the thinking process of the general public.


      1. Verbs2015

        The US media is a dying joke, people are sick and tired of them spinning everything towards their agenda. They lack the capability to be honest even when there is nothing to be gained from not telling the truth.


      1. Truthangel07

        Definitely. I’m listening to NWA today–for the first time, believe it or not. I wansn’t into them back in the day. The movie made me curious and nostalgic. Good stuff–the making of legends.


  3. TheOriginalBlackWoman13

    I’m not surprised. Not at all. Whites do anything. They’re the epitome of F*%$ked up. lol. And you’re right if it had a been a black girl. Her face would be all over the media. *sigh* smdh.



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