Pay Attention To Detail

Sandra Bland

Look at this picture

1. Why does she already have an orange jumpsuit on in a mugshot supposedly taken during in-processing?

2. Look at her hair…her locs are pointing to the back instead of hanging straight down…which indicates that she was laying on her back, NOT standing up against a wall.

3. The fat in her face is pushed back towards her ears…another indication she was laying down.

4.  look at the right side of the pic, which is the left side of her face…it droops lower than the other side…which happens when you have lack of oxygen to the brain. So my question is…was this sista ALREADY DEAD in this mugshot?

You Decide.

We are dealing with monsters Brothers and Sisters


4 thoughts on “Pay Attention To Detail

  1. Kushite Prince

    Hmmmm……a lot of people have been speculating about this. A lot of people think she was already dead..possibly killed. To be honest,I wouldn’t put it past them to try to cover it up. I feel for this sista. My heart goes out to her family and friends. Really sad. 😦



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