Slavery Was NOT A Choice You Ignoramus!!!!!!!!!!


Most of us have grown up hearing the old proverb “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Well Karen cooper pictured above is a classic example of a mind that has been completely wasted. It is utterly infuriating to think that someone could be this stupid. I thought Marcus Stanley took the cake but Miss Cooper takes brain damage to a whole new level. The fact that she can strut around so proudly like a peacock and spit in the face and on the graves of our ancestors only further demonstrates just how much we have been spiritually destroyed by this system and how we are in desperate need of divine intervention.

But just for venting sake , lemme clear up some things for Ms Cooper.


Our Ancestors di not choose to be put in chains and snatched off the shores of west Africa.

Our Ancestors did not choose to be packed like sardines onto ships where they had no room to move and had to deficate and urinate all over each other and as a result, suffered terrible diseases which they later died from.

Our ancestors did not choose to have their disease ridden dead bodies thrown over board to be an all you can eat buffet for sharks.

Our Ancestors did not choose to be sold in slave market like cattle to the highest bidder.

Our Ancestors did not choose to have their identities stolen from them only to be branded with bywords like nigger and slave and coon.

Our Ancestors did not choose to be whipped, raped and forced to work in the hot sun from morning till night without pay just to fatten the lazy white slave masters.

Our ancestors did not choose to have their wives stolen from them in the middle of the night by the slave masters to be raped by him and his friends and be powerless to do anything about it.

Our ancestors did not choose to have their babies be used as alligator bait.

Our ancestors did not choose to be lynched and burned because of lying white bitch.

Our ancestors did not choose to have their homes and business bombed by evil jealous whites who couldn’t stand to see us sustaining ourselves without their help.

Now I could go on and on but I think you all get the picture. Karen Cooper, learn your history and get a damn clue because for you to puff up your chest and proudly wave that accursed flag and proclaim that slavery was a choice is the highest form of disrespect imaginable to our people and you ought to be a ashamed of yourself. If Harriet Tubman was alive today she would’ve shot your black behind down already.

For all my wiser brothers and sisters, the time for war is now. Gird your loins and prepare yourselves.


someone please slap some sense into this nitwit


18 thoughts on “Slavery Was NOT A Choice You Ignoramus!!!!!!!!!!

  1. TheOriginalBlackWoman13

    I’m not shocked by what this mammy coon is doing. Hell, I’m not shocked what Negro coons and mammies do anymore. You have a minority of these Negros who agree with whites about the confederate flag being “heritage.” I remember a number of years ago some Negro coon male joined the sons of confederacy organization talking about “black soldiers fought for the confederacy too!” and it’s our heritage too!” God Help Us!

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  2. Kushite Prince

    Karen is a KKKOON!! These sellouts are totally useless. She is one of the millions of brainwashed black people today. People like her are useless in the struggle for our liberation. Toss her aside and keep it moving!

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    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      lol you are beginning to sound like Verbs lol but you’re right, here I was thinking it was most likely due to a lack of knowledge but you know what they say, you can lead the horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink so let her drink her kool-aid instead

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  3. Verbs2015

    This is the problem with black folks on the whole today, they judge from an emotional standpoint instead of using logic, reason and common sense. This woman is correct, when the Europeans begun to enslave black folks you could either submit to chains and shackles or you could fight for your freedom. The odds being heavily stacked against you does not change the fact that you still have a choice in the matter. Because of the heavy consequences associated with fighting an enemy with advanced weaponry, most blacks instead decided/chose to submit themselves to bondage.

    The other reason why this women is correct is because there were also many blacks who decided to fight being enslaved from the beginning, though they were outgunned so to speak and many of them died in the process, they eventually were left alone and thus won their freedom. What do we say about them, that freedom was not a choice for them?

    Black folks as a whole today are afraid to fight for anything because they are in fear of the consequences that could come down the pike, therefore most blacks instead choose to cower in a corner and utilise the victimhood role to it’s highest degree. I personally believe that this confederate flag fiasco is a distraction and as per usual most blacks have fallen for the bait and become emotionally embroiled in something that makes no difference to the current state of the black nation.

    Getting rid of the confederate flag would not alter the situation in black neighbourhoods, violence, high crime and murder between black folks would still continue unabated, we all know this so there is no need to pretend otherwise. Let us also not pretend that there isn’t a black mob violence problem either because most of us when we get our money straight move away from black neighbourhoods almost immediately. We have all had horrific experiences with the stereotypical Negro, why on earth would we defend this same group of decadent blacks who we refuse to live around?


      1. Verbs2015

        Yeap, I don’t look at these issues from an emotional standpoint and I certainly don’t subscribe to the Negro victimhood position. I believe that I can better my current position in life without playing any particular victim plays and expecting any handouts. The victimhood status has brought black folks nothing at all.

        Again, highly stacked odds against you does not erase your ability to make a choice. Now the consequences of your choice to fight may be highly detrimental, however a choice has still been made.

        Again, if you disagree with my position then what do you say to the blacks who refused to be enslaved, who fought for to remain free regardless of the odds stacked against them and as a result won their freedom?


      2. N.S.

        I partially agree with both of you.

        Yes, the Confederate flag is somewhat of a distraction. Though some racists fly the flag, I(and most Southern blacks) don’t think it as completely racist overall and did not fall for it. It does mean Southern pride to most who fly it(a complicated story). We don’t like it, but we have always known that it was at at the bottom of our priorities. Mississippi and S.C., if I remember correctly, both had votes in the past to take down their flags and the majority of blacks did not choose to do so. Part of the reason is that many of us know that the North did not really fight the war to end slavery and in fact had slaves itself until the end of the war. The threat of England and France entering the War with troops made Lincoln promise to end slavery. Only Soros’s Black Lives Matter crew really came out for the stuff in Charleston, but very few blacks overall even went to the Capitol rally for the flag removal. I haven’t followed the reactions of blacks too much elsewhere but even a lot of pro blacks have seen this is a trivial issue in the grand scheme of things. The TPP fast track vote went through while the country was debating the flag.

        The flag is also part of the campaign to cause racial tensions to increase and possibly lead to martial law. The media has been deliberately trying to provoke blacks into nationwide mass racial riots recently. That is why we keep seeing all those videos and pictures of blacks of all ages being abused and killed. A lot of whites will be angry at the flag removal so racist whites and others will use the flag removal as an excuse for even more attacks. Even without an even bigger rise in racist attacks being a factor, the flag removal does nothing for blacks. It solves none of the main issues with Charleston or our other problems. We as blacks do not need to support this and I would like to see more blacks coming out against this although I think she was too enthusiastic. We would be naive to think the politicians are trying to help us with removal of the Stars and Bars.

        As for slavery, it is well-known that the vast majority of those blacks who came over were enslaved by Africans and sold to the Europeans. No one, African, European, or black is seriously disputing this. The Europeans never made a serious attempt to enslave the Africans at that time with maybe the exception of Queen Nzingha’s tribe. As for why the majority of blacks in the New World did not rebel, though none of us have yet come out and publicly listed them all together, many of us know the real reasons…


      3. nidotopianwarrior Post author

        my post is not so much about the flag of itself, it’s just a rag in the bigger picture. my furor was more directed at Ms. Cooper’s statement about slavery being a choice. Not forgetting the fact that our people were hunted down and rounded up like animals and taken against our will in chains by enemies who had more advanced weapons than we did. Unlike some people who try to rationalize it away and blame the victim, it is clear despite their vast wealth of wisdom and logic that they don’t truly understand how slavery works. Slavery is more than just physical chains and yokes, it’s a mind over matter issue. When you enslave a person or people, there is a mentality that you must condition them into accepting or believing. Remember our people were tortured non-stop when they arrived on these western shores, yes they resisted, even on the slave ships, but there’s only so much a person can do, a person can only fight so long and so hard until they realize that they’ve been defeated. And for those who managed to gain their freedom by fighting for it, they were the lucky ones and circumstances were in their favour. Of course, we all rebelled eventually and overthrew the slavemaster. Though we may not be picking cotton out in the fields or harvesting sugar cane for little and nothing, we are still victims and slaves to this system, despite some people’s belief to the contrary. We have no autonomy, no power, and must still adhere to a particular modus orperandi else face dire consequences. Remember we are commanded to endure for yet a little longer. And also, as I have stated quite a number of times, Knowledge is severely lacking in our nation. Remember the scriptures in Hosea 4:6 says that my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge and because they reject knowledge I also have rejected them. That is why we are in this steaming pile of hot mess as a people because we lack knowledge and proper wisdom and we continue to reject it.


  4. N.S.

    I wasn’t clear enough in the last paragraph. I understand the larger point-in relation to the present political situation, not the past- she was trying to make, but Ms. Cooper should not have said that at all during the interview.

    Also, Africans rounded up most of our ancestors and sold them to the Europeans.

    We should definitely remember our ancestors and what they went through, but the way this focus on slavery is being shoved down our throats by the main stream media is not for any good purpose.

    Yes, we must endure.


  5. Lavern

    I would love to hear this heffa explain her twisted, moronic, dumb as fuck mindset if the Klan were to show up at her door. Pretty sure they aren’t going to swell with pride that this dumbass is on their side.



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