Charlie Charlie Are You There?


Brothers and sisters, it has recently come to my attention that there is a dangerous game by the name of Charlie Charlie that is becoming rather viral here in the Caribbean. The game can be best described as being a “Poor man’s Ouija Board”. The game’s notoriety began as a result of a viral video over social media called the Charlie Charlie Challenge. Basically how the game is played is that you place two pencils in the shape of a cross on anything from a desk, to a piece of paper or even the floor or ground and the words “YES” and “NO” are written in the four spaces of the cross shape. Participants will then repeat the words “Charlie Charlie can we play?” in order to contact a demon which is alleged to be from Mexico. The participants would then ask the demon various questions which would cause the top pencil to rotate to each of the four answers. Despite numerous internet articles and commentaries that have attempted to discredit the legitimacy of this game, many even going as far as to cast it off as make belief or superstition, brothers and sisters I say to you this is very real. This demon is very much active and responds to the call of those who summon it by means of this nefarious game.

Just Thursday alone, here in Antigua students from the Jennings Secondary School have been exhibiting strange behaviours, from fainting to some even attempting to exit public transport vehicles while in the vehicle is in motion. In one of the renown secondary schools the Antigua Girls High School, students reported shaking and furniture moving of its own free will. Elsewhere in the Caribbean for example: A boys school in Barbados, students reported hearing voices during and after playing this game.

Here’s a link to The Jamaica Observer with more on the phenomenon

From The Daily Observer here in Antigua

Brothers and sisters, whether you are in the Caribbean, North, Central and South America, Europe or wherever, be warned and keep your children away from this game. Shalom…


9 thoughts on “Charlie Charlie Are You There?

  1. Chrystal Emma

    Yes I heard about this. You’re so right, this game is indeed very dangerous. One of my neighbour’s children almost ran out into traffic because of a strange voice she was hearing. It turns out, she and her friends are heavily embroiled in this game. I for one am glad I don’t have children cause I don’t know what I would do.

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      1. Wyzedome

        Peace To My Good Kin nidotopianwarrior…
        So Appreciate This Post, & Will Dig Deeper As This Is The First Mention For Me. Keep Up The Good Works, Will Injoy Perusing Your Site…


  2. Verbs2015

    I have to laugh when people try to contact evil spirits as if they can bargain and reason with them. When you decide to contact devils, anything that you receive thereafter is your just recompense. Different parts of the world seems to be exhibiting various abnormal behaviours. For example in the US there is a game where people place their hands crossed over their chests and fall backwards onto a variety of surfaces after saying “put him in a coffin”. Nothing seems to be off limits, including the bonnets of people’s cars which often results in serious damage.

    The entire world is slipping into a mad like state, folks are engaging in stupid and dangerous activities as a past time.

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    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      Put Him In A Coffin? Geez Louise crackers and cheese, what is with people these days? You know, I believe this Charlie Charlie game is part of the Elites’ plan to destroy us. Everything that is morbid and dark and malevolent is being marketed to our people wholesale…. All this is more proof we are indeed in the end times….

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      1. Verbs2015

        This is also more proof clearly demonstrating how lost our people are as a whole. Just going back 50 years most of our people would have shunned such darkside nonsense. True indeed, most of Israel will perish.


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