To all my rabid readers and followers, I regret to inform you that there will be no activity on this blog for quite a while. As it turns out I am currently experiencing the worst case of writer’s block and as a result my story has hit a major roadblock. I apologize for any disappointments caused, but I assure you once I screw my head on straight again more chapters will be coming. OK, Deuces!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Roadblock

  1. Verbs2015

    Yeap, writer’s block is a true beast, however sometimes that wilderness period can be beneficial to serve as a recharge. You’ll be back in the swing of things soon enough, just accept this period as a time of rest and recovery.


  2. Chrystal Emma

    Oh yeah writers block can be a bitch. When I was in college my creative writing professor always shared this tip with us: Put yourself into the story, or better yet always put yourself in the character’s shoes” That way you won’t ever run out of ideas. I would say it works 97% of the time. Good luck. I am eagerly awaiting your next installment.



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