Children of the Comet – Chapter Four

Chapter 4

For a long while, neither party made a move against the other, instead they remained stationary, just staring at each other. Rex felt nothing short of utterly creeped out.

‘Why is it just sitting there’ he wondered.

A short breeze then blew through the park. Rex clenched his fists, his nails practically piercing his palms. Then, in a swift flickering move, the monster seemed to vanish entirely.
Rex wheeled around to see where it went, only for it to suddenly reappear before him. A sharp tingling ran up his spine. As the monster made a swipe with its left arm, his instinct and adrenaline seemed to go into overdrive. His body suddenly felt like it had a mind of its own. He leaped off the ground, performing a high forward somersault over its head, twirling in mid-air before making a skidding landing.

The monster did not let up. It made a rapid about turn and charged forward,  initiating a frenzy of swipes and snaps with its jaws which Rex dodged quite masterfully and skillfully despite the fact that he had very little clue of what he was doing.
After a long and arduous dance, Rex was able to put some distance between himself and the creature.

‘This turning out to be a real drag’ he thought to himself as he caught his breath.

The creature came at him again. As he braced himself for the impending attack, a sharp pain pulsated through his head. A split second later, a vision manifested in his thoughts. In a fiery haze in which the vision was presented to him, saw the monster divert from its frontal assault, leaping into the air and spewing a river of what looked like thick green liquid from its mouth down at him.

A few seconds later the vision dissolved. Much to Rex’s surprise, just like he had foreseen it, it happened. The monster was now airbourne. He watched with horror as the green substance came crashing down to the ground. At that moment his instincts ignited yet again and he leaped out of the way.

As the liquid connected with the ground, a huge cloud of steam arose. It was then, he came to the realization that this was a very corrosive acid, though he had suspected it before hand. When the steam cleared, a huge crater was left behind. He started to feel very agitated.

‘I wonder how many more tricks this bastard’s got up his sleeve’ he thought. Of course his worries about the monster’s hidden talents were nevertheless eclipsed by his own concerns about his own hidden talents and how he could fully wield them to help him out of this dire situation. He jerked his head upward, catching sight of the monster plummeting towards him. A second torrent of acid spewed forth from its mouth, seemingly much larger and possessing greater force than the first. Rex barely dodged it. He leaped far enough away, conveniently landing near a large clump of trees.

With a large cloud of steam enveloping much of the park, signifying a greater erosion had occurred, followed by a loud crashing thud, which meant the monster had landed within its midst, Rex seized the moment and scurried behind one of the trees.

He plopped himself down on the ground and breathed a deep sigh. He knew he wasn’t out of the woods yet, so to speak. He chuckled at the thought, bearing in mind he was hiding behind a tree.

His mental musing was soon cut short when he heard the high blood curdling screech echo through the night. He felt his heart beginning to beat faster.

‘what do I do, what do I do?’ He panicked, racking his brain.
He climbed slowly to his feet and poked his head out slightly from behind the tree. He glanced the monster pacing wildly around. Also, he noticed that more than a good section of the park had been reduced to a giant crater. He withdrew his head back behind the tree. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes desperately trying to contemplate his next move. Just then, the burning sensation aroused itself within him yet again, followed by the sharp stinging feeling coursing through his head. This time however, a vision did not manifest itself. Instead, a deep, pure, sage-like voice almost like thunder echoed through his mind.

“My son, you have been blessed with an extraordinary power” it said

“wha? Who are you?” Rex demanded aloud.

“In order to unleash your true strength all you must do is believe!!” The voice said a little forcefully.

“Believe what? Who are you?”

Rex then felt his insides shift, almost as though they were twisting. What followed next was a feeling like his breath had left him completely. He felt numb all over.  Everything around him went pitch black.

Next moment, he found himself all alone on a floating rock. All around him was darkness and the only light there was, was emanating from him. It was dim though. It all felt very surreal like an out of body experience. Suddenly a bright flash of scarlet exploded and before he knew it, he  found himself standing face to face with what looked like an older version of himself, only it was fiery and ethereal.

“Wh-Who are you?” He asked in a quivering tone. The individual gave no answer. Instead, the individual simply extended his finger towards his forehead, touching the golden diadem that decorated it. Rex suddenly felt a great rush of power surge through him. He saw himself beginning to glow brighter and brighter. Afterwards, the strange individual began to gradually fade away.

“Mozahrahn rex luxo’rhyhnn” those words echoed before the individual vanished completely. Rex however, for some strange reason understood what it meant.  “Awaken king lion”.

Everything suddenly returned to normal. The darkness and the floating rock had both disappeared. Rex realized he could breathe again. He was once again in the park. Not only that, all of his previous fears and anxieties had completely vanished as if they were never there to begin with. In that moment he knew, and he understood what he had to do. There was no second guessing, no confusion or query, nothing was held back from him now. His eyes became like fire, gleaming a bright crimson as the ever intensifying warrior’s aggression which had now overtaken him forced a rather intimidating smile upon his face. He cocked his head upward, raising his arms into a muscle tensing gesture, after which, he unleashed a loud, sonorous roar, shaking the skies and ground. The monster’s screech sounded off in response but in paled exponentially in comparison to Rex’s.

He crouched down slightly, building momentum, then launched himself into the sky. After attaining a high enough altitude, he paused, immediately catching sight of the creature. He repositioned himself and propelled downwards toward it. Catching it unawares he aimed a mighty punch into the monster, sending it pitching across the park. Not satisfied, he made another rapid ascent, performing a mid-air backward somersault before propelling forward again. The creature barely recovered.
Just as Rex was about to land another blow, the monster intercepted his arm. Thinking fast, he swung his right leg around, landing a hard kick which sent his adversary pitching yet again. It made a swift recovery before barely colliding with a clump of trees. It lunged at him, spewing forth its green acid. Rex took flight yet again, avoiding the attack. Whilst in mid air, he held out his arms to either side of him so that his body now formed a cross. Then, he visualized two fireballs forming in his hands. Infact, he more than visualized, he desired it, demanded it and as he did, so it happened. Two large fireballs had manifested in his hands.

He hurled them down at the monster,

“Boom!!! Boom!!!” Two loud explosions ensued. Not long after, the smoke and fire cleared away. The monster had vanished.

Rex glanced around, but couldn’t find it anywhere on the ground. A sharp piercing chill suddenly pulsated through him.

‘No! It can’t be!’ He thought. He wheeled around. If his heart could fall out of his chest it would have. The creature’s face was no more than a few inches from his. Its piercing yellow eyes almost felt like they were peering into the very depths of his soul.

In a split second, he felt a rush and then his body connecting with the ground.
No sooner after that, a heavy pressure was felt on his stomach. When he came to, the monster’s foot was pressing on him, pinning him down to the ground. It raised its long arms above his head, brandishing its long talons. And as it brought them down to smite him, Rex felt a stir inside him, immediately after, a huge funnel of fire erupted around him, simultaneously burning and throwing the monster off of him. He then levitated off the ground and to his feet.

A good distance away the creature was screeching very loudly, a screech that indicated great pain and discomfort. Much to his shock, more than half of the monster’s body had been reduced to a burnt crisp. It laid on there on the ground,   violently thrashing around any part of it that hadn’t been incinerated.

Part of him couldn’t help but feel sorry for it. This very creature that tried to kill him more times than he could count. Upon recollection of that fact, his aggression stirred and flared up, completely abrogating any compassion he might have felt for the wretched beast. He gradually ascended into the sky until he was hovering directly over it.

“This ends now” he said aloud. He then began a rapid whirl. Fire erupted around him, forming into a funneling drill. On the ground, a ring of fire erupted around the monster, trapping it. Not that it could go anywhere. Rex then began a quick descent, the whirling drill of fire enlarging around him as he decreased his altitude.
Then, as he collided with the monster, a huge explosion ensued, sending a whirling pillar of flames into the sky. The monster’s screech sounded off, then it was heard no more.

Several minutes elapsed before the last of the flames finally extinguished, leaving a lone Rex standing on a charred ground. He remained there a long while, staring blankly into the distance before finally coming to himself again. His eyes, darted around. From the ground, to everywhere in the park. He kept at it a little while longer, turning around occasionally. He couldn’t believe it, the monster was gone. Really gone. Everything was still, calm. No moving shadows or screeches. Nothing.

A short wind picked up, and Rex began to feel a dizziness come over him. The crimson and gold light exuded from him once again, returning him to his simple civilian form. He then slumped to the ground, feeling wasted and exhausted. His vision began to blur a little. Soon after he felt a hand upon him, followed by a familiar voice which whispered tenderly

“there there, I got you now”.


17 thoughts on “Children of the Comet – Chapter Four

      1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

        I think it was well done, I gave it as much realism as possible and I try my utmost to make my story flow seamlessly. Because, when I write my stuff I always picture my audience reading it and picture their reactions and thoughts. In essence I try to put myself into their minds as a way of motivating me because I want when my readers read this, it must be like they are watching a movie in their minds, the imagery must be blatant, it must be super vivid so the reader can feel as if they are actually there in the story, the reader must feel like he/she is the character they are reading about, I want them to see the development and can relate to the character and the events that occur in the plot, I don’t want there to be a detachment, where they get bored or disinterested. I don’t want my story to feel to rushed, so I am always mindful of how much I am putting out, I want each chapter to feel like an adventure. ok I am rambling now, but those are just my thoughts…


      2. Verbs2015

        Well, I have no complaints so far. I deliberately wont give you advise on the novel because then it wouldn’t be your type of work, it would become mine. I’m hearing what you are saying on letting things flow, don’t force it and you will continue to ride smooth waters. This is YOUR individual work and that is the best way for it to stay in order to bring out YOUR individual potential. Trust in yourself to do a good job.


      1. TheOriginalBlackWoman13

        Lol! Like brothas call sistas queens. I called you king. That’s what I meant. You are a king, bro!


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