Joke of the day!

Ever heard the saying “speech is silver, silence is golden”? Well, these two jokes I am about to share with you will prove why the latter half of that classical proverb is such a beneficial rule to live by.

The first joke:

A 16 year old girl got up in church one Sunday morning. Mind you, she was the pastor’s daughter. She shouted “praise the lord” to which the congregation responded with a resounding “Hallelujah” then she continued. “Since the tender age of 13 I have been having very painful menstrual periods. Well for the past few months after much prayer and bible study at Brother Prince’s house, he’s our Sunday school teacher by the way, I have not had another period. No pain, no cramps no nothing. And I am even getting fatter and prettier, praise God”

The pastor then fainted.

The second joke:

4 female best friends reunited for the first time in decades and decide to go out to dinner and reminisce and catch up. They each have sons who are very successful and knowing parents, they can’t resist the urge to brag. So the first friend started:

“my son is so successful he bought a jet for his friend, on his birthday”

The second friend chimed in

“aw that’s so sweet, my son I so successful he bought his friend a Rolls Royce for his birthday”

The third friend pitched in

“well my son is so successful he bought his friend a new house”

The fourth friend was a little reluctant to say anything, so when the other three pressed her, this was her response

“well my son is gay and he loves to frequent the gay bars”

So the other three were like:

“and you are proud of that?” To which she replied

“of course, he got a jet, a Rolls Royce and a new home from each of his boyfriends.”


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