As an aspiring author and avid music lover I am all for artistic creativity and thinking outside the box. But then, there is a fine line between being an artistic renegade and being just re-damn-diculous. What am I talking about you may wonder?

Well, today a friend of mine shared a story with me about a Jamaican Dancehall artist by the name of Kenardo Andre Robinson who goes by the stage name Furtyle Brain. Apparently this brotha went and got real goat horns surgically  implanted into his skull. According to the 29 year old artist, the procedure was carried out in Jamaica by a Canadian based surgeon. In his own words he adds that he was sedated, no doubt heavily and given many pain killers upon revival citing the aftermath as being very painful.

“it’s really a process where the implants are implanted into the skull. I was sedated during the surgery but had to be given lots of pain killers when I was revived because it was very painful”

As to the reason why he underwent this disturbingly gruelling operation, he stated and I quote:

“I do believe that I got some form of prophetic instruction by God. I didn’t do this alone. There are some people who think that I am demonic, but it doesn’t bother me much as I am not the first artiste who is picked on. There are others who have done far less than I have done and received a backlashing and bashing.”

The point is, whenever I see celebrities do crazy stunts for shock value or media attention, its usually in the form of some crazy outfit like Rihanna and Rose McGowan’s sheer dresses that they wore on the red carpet or some freaky costume or in some cases, bad plastic surgery procedure *cough* Joycelyn Wildenstein *cough* or in other cases, controversial statements. But very rarely, if at all, do I see celebrities going out of their way to permanently resemble something out of Pan’s Labyrinth or The Chronicles of Narnia. I personally think this is straight up disturbing and creepy as hell and if you had to resort to this extreme in order to stand out as an artist and to boost your career as you so claim, then maybe you ought to be reconsidering why you ever became an artist in the first place. I mean your talent should be more than enough to speak for itself and as an artist that’s one of the most important things you wanna be remembered and known for and not for being something that belongs in  a freakshow circus or some low budget Lord of the Rings knock-off.

And another thing, to claim that he did this mess to himself as part of some prophetic instruction from God; well, if that was the case then I guess the most prudent question to ask is “what the hell kind of God are you serving brotha?” Cause I know it couldn’t be the most high.

As a conscious black and a staunch black nationalist, Dancehall music is one type of music I do not listen to, mainly because most of its lyrics are too coarse, vulgar and just downright nauseating to listen to and I personally believe that some of out new Dancehall artists are dabbling in some serious iniquity if you catch my drift.

So anyways, go ahead and check out these disturbing ass photos and feel free to let your proverbial jaws fall to the ground.

goat man


goat man 2

somebody ought to hold his ass down, cut him up and curry him good and serve him for dinner lol

goat man 3

I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna meet you in a dark alleyway bro……………

goat man 4

if one of the local farmers is missing a goat, tell him I found it!! lol

goat man 5

somebody get his ass some grass already…………….



  1. Verbs2015

    The crisis with black folks is an international one. This is part of the fallout from attempting to amalgamate yourself into such an artificial system. I also have a strong suspicion that this guy was raised in a single parent household. Fathers in the home typically bring checks and balances to the table, this prevents the woman from running wild and out of control from her position of emotion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      it really is a t eh eh eh eh eh rrrible state of affairs, I mean this sort of thing I would expect from some heavy metal band in eastern Europe but from here in the Caribbean? I’m really scared


  2. truthangel07

    This is completely insane. Don’t even get me started with the “Why” questions. Horns implanted in the skull? This is madness. And I totally agree with your comment about him perhaps needing to re-think his reasoning for becoming an artist.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yanni Stalworth

    Oh yes I remember hearing about this. Honestly, this negro needs a hard smack upside the head. This is utter foolishness



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