Nothing Says “Manly” like gluing a beard to your face

Ok family, we all know that hair weaves is a big concern for us right now in the black community, but sadly, it’s not just black women who are falling victim to the hairy wilds of the false appendages. What does this mean exactly? well couple of hours ago, I happened upon this story about a male contestant from America’s Next Top Model sporting a facial weave!!!!!!!! In my opinion, this has to be the single most absurd thing to ever be done to a human.

Of course the style hasn’t become mainstream, YET, but something tells me that soon we’re gonna be seeing a lot of men jumping on the bandwagon. And for the record, I’ve seen children in a nativity scene play with more convincing beards than this.

So any way, go ahead and check out these nutty-ass pics and laugh, cringe, whatever, just be sure to leave a comment


you ain’t fooling anyone


delusional? me thinks, yes


sit tight, this could take a while


looks to me like Becky ain’t digging the new you, sport! lol


20 thoughts on “Nothing Says “Manly” like gluing a beard to your face

  1. Kushite Prince

    WTF??!! This guy looks like a f*cking FOOL!!! I pray to God this does NOT catch on!lol No self respecting brother would ever wear this crap! But I maybe the self-hating buffoons might do it to get a Becky!lol But I don’t think sistas are going for this nonsense.

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    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      at first I thought it was a joke but then when I followed up on the story, I didn’t know whether I should laugh, cry or cringe. It was way too good to be allowed to slip away. But honestly reading your comment I am rolling with laugh. I wonder what Tommy Sotomayor is gonna say about this? hmm

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    2. TheOriginalBlackWoman13

      I agree. This is TOTALLY Outrageous! LOL. Some black women wear weaves, but this is different and is in some ways crazier than some of these weaves.

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      1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

        there has been some speculation that a lot of hair weaves have pubic hair ingrained in them, as to people putting fake hair where the sun don’t shine? I don’t know but it could be possible hhhahah


  2. Verbs2015

    This is part of the mess that the modern day western black woman has wrought upon the black community, where black males for at least the last 40 years have been primed by these same black women towards dysfunctional behaviour and thus are always the guinea pigs and the most accepting test subjects for any and all outlandish and reprobate activities. Low and behold, who is the person responsible for applying this foolishness to his face, a black woman. I still stand by my statement, that black women love leading young black boys into dysfunction and foolishness, as this ensures that black women will maintain their leadership position in the community.

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