**REAL TALK** A Thug is Not a Man

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17 thoughts on “**REAL TALK** A Thug is Not a Man

  1. Verbs2015

    Going to have to go in on this one, fathers passing down thug culture to their sons??????? No, no, no, this cannot be possible seeing as most black households with children comprise of black single mothers. It is mostly black women who are passing down the edicts of thuggism to their sons and encouraging them to partake in the fruits of this culture, black women are the majority responsible for this heinous act, not black men. Again, the modern day western black woman has been successfully recruited by the white aristocracy into carrying out the white supremacist agenda, she is the main enforcer of white supremacy against the black nation in 2015, in fact it has been this way for the last 50 years.

    Black women will play this same thug music in their cars whilst taking their children to school or whilst engaging in any other activities which require the use of a vehicle. In fact black women in general seem to know the words to most of these horrific songs they are are complaining about. Again, the modern day western black woman having presented herself for hire to her white liberal slave master must retain her leadership position at any and all costs, thus she welcomes thug culture as this ensure the continual destruction of the black male, thus her position of leadership continues to be secured.

    I agree that the thug culture was not created by black folks, yes it has come out of cigar smoke filled boardrooms comprising of white men however today as it stands black women in general are the ones pushing this culture upon their sons and yet again nobody is holding these guilty culprits responsible. The modern day western black woman receives a pass on her skull duggery yet again. Black men are afraid to hold black women accountable for any of their foul behaviour, from this I can understand why black women in general despise black men yet they will respect men from other nationalities.

    Until we begin to deal with the real culprits in this relentless onslaught and attack on the black community nothing will change. White supremacy is indeed alive and well, however in 2015 white supremacy presents itself in the form of the modern day western black woman. 1876 unborn black children on average PER DAY are being assassinated at hands of black women. Abortion=Genocide=Population Reduction=Eugenics. Still want to believe that black women are not the main enforcers of white supremacy today??

    P.S I’m going to post this response on the original site aswell. Whether that blogger allows my comment to be published remains to be seen.


      1. Verbs2015


        Yep, not even allowing my comment to be posted and giving me a rebuttal in return, tut, tut. Black women are incredibly efficient at proving me right over and over again. As I have stated before, black women as a whole do not like hearing the truth especially when it destroys their illusional prissy “sista” image.

        Her response was predictable yet not surprising to me. Black men especially the pro blacks seem to believe that they can repair and bring remedy to the black community without dealing with messy black women. They have been trying to circumvent bringing black women into check and today the black community is trundling down the toilet faster than it has ever been.

        You’d think that the pro blacks would have put 2 & 2 together by now, nope, in the eyes of themselves and Negro females, black women must always receive a pass no matter what. Common sense and experience has shown us that if you fail to deal with a problem, it will grow and things will become worse. Black men have refused to check black women for the longest while(always conveniently sighting other excuses) and look at the mess that the black nation is in today.


      2. nidotopianwarrior Post author

        I noticed also she doesn’t respond to anyone….. period

        oh and just a heads up, you may not want to post on Original Woman, cause like the Sistah on Black Supremacy she will not welcome your comments and WILL Ban you


  2. Verbs2015


    Most black women today are simply full of rubbish, their simp black male supporters are equally dishonest. All of this back to Africa, mother land, black unity, black supremacy, brotha and sista unity, red, black and green, irie, one love talk etc is all a pretense, a spell binding mechanism if you will which is used to keep most black men in libo/suspended animation and thus prevents the black male from assuming his leadership position. Also, how is it that black men are continually held accountable for their wrong doings yet black women who perform the same evil deeds and worse are always given a pass and let of the hook? I’m sure that you must have noticed this by now.

    I simply cannot take the pro blacks seriously because all they do(at the behest of black women) is blame outside sources ie the white man for their woes and troubles, however white men are not operating swat teams, storming into pregnant black women’s homes, throwing them into vans, taking them to abortion clinics and forcing them to have abortions, no, black women using their own two feet are walking into these clinics each and everyday under their own steam.

    The black community is completely backwards, comparable to a circus freak show or the Twilight Zone, it has been purposely maintained this way at the hands of black women and black male simps, it has to remain in this fashion, upside down, on its face and dysfunctional in order for black women to hold onto and maintain the security of their leadership positions. As I have stated before, I can understand why black women have little to no respect for black men, after all I wouldn’t respect any woman who would continually give me a pass on my wrong doings.

    The way things ought to be is whoever is to blame should be held to account for their actions, this is the way Verbs works. I will call out whoever needs to be roasted regardless of gender or colour. The sad thing about black people today is that when we were having a rough ride at the hands of white people up until the 1960s, back then our house was clean and white people had no excuses for their actions against us. Today however it is a very different story, when we talk about them “holding us back” and “oppressing us”, because our house is in such a mess, we have made it easier for them to deflect, to point the finger back in our direction and say “well look at what is happening in your own back yard first”.

    Like I have stated before, white people did initiate this dynamo of evil against us however for the last 50 years black women as a whole have taken over the wheel and are taking the black nation straight down to hell. White folks no longer need to lift a finger with the black woman having taken over the controls.


    1. nidotopianwarrior Post author

      You are right on many counts but yet still we need to look at the bigger picture, White Supremacy is still largely to blame for the situation we are in. I understand where you are coming from in regards to black women, (our sistahs really need to start being honest with themselves in truth) but understand that many of our black women (and men) are just merely pawns in a bigger game and don’t even know it, many of them have simply been conditioned and indoctrinated from a tender age into this twisted and self-destructive way of thinking it’s all they know. Now understand that I am not in any way excusing degenerate behavior, but it seems to me that you’re looking at this from a purely compartmentalized perspective rather than the whole picture. Understand this is still White Supremacy’s agenda being pushed here.

      As you said in some of your earlier posts: prior to the 1960s our nation was much more intact and why was that? Because we kept to ourselves we separated ourselves from the wider white society, or better yet the white establishment made it so with their Jim Crow Laws. Hence why we had the Black Wall Street and the like, because we depended upon each other, we supported each other and here was a greater sense of community and brotherhood amoung us then. That’s why the dominant society raised up the likes of Martin Luther King who pushed this whole integration dogma that had our sons and daughters brutalized and attacked with police dogs and sprayed with fire hoses and for what? All for the opportunity to sit next to a white person on the bus, to go to the same schools as white people and to sit in the same space with and hold hands with white people. And because of that desire for integration we forgotten who we were, we forgot who our enemy was. We let our guard down which left us vulnerable to their mind games, their manipulation, their brainwashing. Then comes the Feminist movement which rode on the coat tails of the Civil Rights Movement or as I like to call it Martin Luther King’s Delusion of Inclusion Movement. Because of this thinking that we have now been accepted into the fold and this folly that Whites have Changed for the better, their problems became our problems or so we deluded ourselves into thinking, We were all this one big circle of life. Now I could go into a whole other epistle about the black panther party but I think you get the picture.

      So you see, for us alone, we would not have come to this and history is a testament to that. It always comes down to an outside influence which set the domino effect in motion and what we have today are simply the end results. This was a collective effort… We signed our own death warrant when we decided to integrate, if it wasn’t for integration none of this would have happened. Our young men wouldn’t be thugs or embracing the thug culture and our women wouldn’t be weave wearing, ratchet hoes and so called strong, independent black women and mammies who believe in he Feminist Creed like a na├»ve child believes in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

      In hindsight, the big problem in our community today goes beyond black women wearing weaves and being abrasive ratchets, it’s the collective compromising attitudes of our fore-parents which in turn led to this collective ignorance that is percolating so rampantly amoung us today. You know the saying goes, you lie down with the dogs you wake up with fleas and in some cases ticks…. White supremacy is the cancer and what we’re seeing in our community today are simply the symptoms and the complications that are the result of. Believe it or not, many of our black consciousness brothers and sisters do address the need to heal the rift between black men and women, many do address the fact that our great-grand mothers joined the feminist movement whose ideologies they passed on to their daughters and so forth but they also address what led to that, which is integration. You see this is a pyramid, we can’t just focus on one individual stone and think that solves the whole problem we have to go back to the origin point.

      I hope I didn’t ramble and I will be sure to pass along your sentiments to our other brothers and sisters. Oh and you could check out this other brother he goes by the pen name MontUhuru Mimia, he operates a blog called Cinematic Symbolism and he addresses some of the same issues you mention time and again. But I must warn you he has this whole thing where he believes we must return to African Spiritual Sciences and Voodoo Orisha practices, but just try to disregard them but his posts are worth reading as we seem to be on the same page… ok I think that’s about it



      1. Verbs2015

        Allow me to chime in on a few things that you mentioned in your comment. Black women being pawns/proxy agents in this conspiracy does not negate the need for them to be shut down, the agenda must still be rendered inoperable, neutralised and black women must be disconnected from their evil works in order to begin to reverse the damage that they have caused to the black community, this is regardless of whether they are fully aware or ignorant of their actions.

        Yes, you can view white supremacy as a whole however you cannot deal with white supremacy all in one go, folks must decide which section they are going to war against and go in, the Most High has steered me to go up against the institutional church beast infrastructure which is indeed a department of white supremacy.

        The same principle is applied when cleaning up a room or a garage, you deal with one section of the room at a time, you cannot clean all areas of that room at the same time. At the same time it is also obvious that you must begin to physically take action in order for that room or garage to become clean.

        If you are cooking food and one of your pans catches on fire, you wouldn’t call up the gas supplier and tell them to shut off an entire region’s gas supply simply for your incident, no you would simply turn of the gas cooker in your own home. The point here is that the problems in the black community must be dealt with at the local level. White supremacy has many tentacles, we need to start dealing with and chopping at those first before we can access and destroy the main frame itself.

        The Bible has already warned you about the fate that will befall the majority of black women, do you think that the Most High is playing about? The evil works that black women are carrying out today together with their simp supporters is the reason why the scriptures have prophesied death and destruction towards black women as a whole aswell as their enablers. Aborting record numbers of babies per day(Genocide=Population Control=Eugenics=White Supremacy), dackering the beauty of the black image via weave wearing, the bleaching of the skin, excessive make up, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows(Promotion of the European image as the standard of beauty=White Supremacy again), sabotaging, effeminising and emasculating black males in order to maintain their positions of leadership within the community(Feminism=Matriarchal system= White Supremacy yet again), instilling no form of morality in their children whatsoever(thugs who get primed by black women to be placed into the prison industrial complex=White Supremacy yet again) the list of treacherous acts go on and on.

        By the way, those grim prophesies in Isaiah 3 and the beginning of Isaiah 4 that await black women are because of what I have been saying all along, nobody has bothered to bring black women into check, therefore as a result most will have to suffer the judgement of the Most High in the near future. Those same prophecies are also a testament to the failure of the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green, one love, irie brethren. Remember this when you browse through those scriptures in Isaiah again.

        I keep telling you, white supremacy is being enforced through proxy, the modern day western black woman. Black women of today as a whole are the Agent Smiths of the Matrix, they are the daughters of Satan, the scriptures point to their future demise of horror. I keep telling you that you cannot circumvent dealing with this woman, she is the immediate local threat that needs to be addressed and since the pro blacks refuse to put black women to task, the Most High is going to deal with black women in a far more ruthless manner.

        Remember this, despite the valour and your noble sentiment in standing up for black women, black women on the whole do not like you as a black male and would prefer to spit on you rather than return the favour. This is the woman that you are dealing with in 2015, the revelation will hit you one day, hopefully without you having to learn the hard way.

        Most High Bless



      2. nidotopianwarrior Post author

        I will take what you said into consideration, in the mean time, here’s a sistah I think you will love, I have been following her for a while now and I admit I thought about introducing her to you but I was a bit hesitant but as it turns out, we are all actually on the same page save for a few differences in views and opinions which of course is to be expected, but I think you two should really get acquainted I think you two will get along swimmingly. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to our beloved Sister, TruthAngel07


        PS: don’t tell her I introduced you


    2. Lavern

      Wait a freaking minute! It’s not ALL black women I agree that those idiot minded heffas who run 90 percent of blogs of black women are guilty of what you are saying. They also are verrrrrrrry biased towards black men while pretending to be about the ‘issue’ which is bullshit. But if you want to attack some REAL culprits it’s mostly fools like man-thing Wendy Williams, carpet muncher and America’s mammy Oprah Winfrey, dyke dumbass with the perpetual stupid Jack o Lantern face Robin Roberts and bubblehead asshole Tyra. They like a lot of co-called activist like Stacy Patton HURRY to white run news networks to vilify black males all while ignoring the many white folks guilty of what they are bitching about. They are also in league with the feminazi bitches to drag the black men down while bitching about how ‘Becky’ doesn’t care about them. They are just as full of crap as the white women they complain about. However you are forgetting buffoonish black males like Rickey Smiley, Tom Joyner, D.L. Hughley, Dave Chappelle and grinning cooning dumb shit Chris Rock who is now feeling the pinch of so many years being white people’s puppet and mouthpiece for a laugh. He’s the very definition of a house nigger fool. Every last one of them will feel the reckoning and soon. there is only so long their so-called ‘good buddy’ white friends will put up with their ass. Look no further than how Star Jones got treated by her mistress Barbara Walters.


      1. Verbs2015


        There is not one place here where I have stated that ALL black women are to blame, however I would still have to say that it is the overwhelming majority of local, on the street black women who are responsible for churning out these thug type men.

        Black women as a whole have systematically destroyed the black community and thus they should be held accountable as a group, not just selected names of famous individuals here and there.


      2. Lavern

        But they are a BIGGER part of the problem because they have such a large and profitable platform to spew their nonsense. It ain’t a coincidence that the media runs to hear what mammy Oprah or grinning fool Robin thinks. It’s because they keep telling them what they want to hear and don’t forget Oprah made BILLIONS making black men the boogeyman but now wants to act like she feels ‘bad’ about Trayvon and Mike Brown I’m like bitch please! Still you are on point about destroying the community many black females have a victimized ‘woe is me’ mentality that they always have to have their guard up and their neck rolling. They seem to think that because they are marginalized that gives them license to be a complete asshole like the dummy who got popped by the male bus driver. Then had countless black women defending her stupidity I’m a black female too but I take accountability for what I do.


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