The Equation

Now, I know when I first entered the blogosphere I said that I would mostly be writing stories, well today I make an exception. Earlier today I was watching the UPN TV show Moesha, which starred Brandi Norwood. I’m sure you all are familiar with it in some way shape or form. So anyway I was watching an episode called: “Run Mo Run” which was the 13th episode of the 6th season. In this episode, Moesha was challenged by a disgruntled poet whose work she had criticized. The poet’s name was Lady Lunatic. Toward the end of the episode Moesha and Lady Lunatic went head to head in a poetry slam-off and despite Moesha holding her own and delivering a deep, powerful piece she was however outmatched and outdone by Lady Lunatic who recited the poem called “The Equation”. This poem was so deep, words wouldn’t be enough to describe it, and I felt like it was too good to go to waste so after watching, I immediately scoured the internet for the episode so I could listen to it again and by doing so I could share it with the rest of you my family. And here it is, “The Equation”:

The Equation

Frustration divided by a nation is the equation
Assimilating only to be alienated in an alien nation
where caucasians cause abrasions on blacks
then offer reconciliation to Asians for one atom bomb
in Vietnam
As the words “I is” and “ain’t” no longer taint your Harvard tongue
The once saying “Old Negro Spiritual” enslaved Rhetoric
To protect, project and connect shackled hands reaching North
Only to bring forth a generation of asimilating sistahs
Believing they’re not black but they’re brown
Harriette Tubman should’ve shot your sorry butt down
Then maybe your soul could rest in peace
While fake nails and hair weaves have deceased
The one real piece of life you all hold all battered and scarred
Battered and Scarred
Fustration divided by a nation, suicide, castration
Synonomous, same, The Equation

Also here’s the episode of Moesha where you can listen to it again, fast forward to around 16:26   This sistah was sharp as a two-edged sword


12 thoughts on “The Equation

  1. Chrystal Emma

    I love Moesha I watch reruns of it almost everyday. This was an awesome episode. The poem was incredibly deep. Thanks for sharing it….


  2. OriginalWoman13

    I was a fan of this show and watched all the episodes. I remember this episode, but didn’t pay too much attention to the poem back then. Love the poem! Thanks for calling it to our attention!



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